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A public Destructivist activity which involves the audience smashing up household equipment with sledgehammers in an arena.

Scrap Club isolates the activity of destruction as an end in itself without inferring any subsequent creative act or idealistic purpose. We aim to get people to experience destruction as a personal, cathartic action filtered from all social, idealistic, constructive motives that might mask other motives that are as intrinsic and intuitive to human experience, as natural phenomena, as the drive to create.

Scrap Club adds another link in the chain of human/object relationship Right before the inanimate machinations enter the recycling chain, after being designed, created and thoroughly used, people have a go at smashing it up, asserting their role as their creators and destroyers.

Destructivistas - An article written by Joel Cahen about Scrap Club and destruction as an end in itself.

Founded by Joel Cahen and Wajid Yaseen

​Press, pictures, videos and texts on the Scrap Club website

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