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  • Story to Sound. Workshop to accompany Wet Sounds [at various international locations and festivals]
  • Sound Collage and Abstraction in Music. [University of the Arts London]
  • Geo-locative sound walks. AR Audio in public spaces. [University of the Arts London]
  • Location Sound Recording for the Screen.  
    London Film School
  • Basics of Sound Post Production for Screen.      
    London Film School

Ages: 12 and up (No music or creative experience necessary)

Duration: Half a day

A creative workshops that develops the group's made up story into a sound piece.
The workshop:
- Develops sound for narratives
- Creates a fun and imaginative working environment that leads to creative outcomes.
- Teaches and practices sound recording skills using hand held recorders.
- Group music making: Improvisation, building confidence in vocalising and playing an instrument with no previous experience.
- Storytelling: Encouraging free flow imagination and expression of narrative.
- Enhances listening and teaches differentiation of sound sources

The recordings made in the workshop are mixed

and played back underwater at Wet Sounds

Video documentation of the workshop (in French) here

Story to Sound   

usually accompanies a Wet Sounds event

Audio works made from workshops

(click titles to listen)


Sozzled Pink in an Underwater World 07:14

Sinister Balloon 05:59

Zombie Hoard in Peterborough 04:23


Inspector of Nusances in Glacial Meltdown 05:16


The Slowest Seahorse 08:30


Whitefaceman 01:55

Halluin, FR

Chat et Sourie 07:02

Nantes, FR

The Nantes Zombie Apocalypse 15:02

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