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Depths عمق

Fluidity in medium and in movement, shapeshifting and amorphous, three dancers journey from the depths to the surface. They transition between five different states on their trajectory upwards. The bodies fluctuating fluidly between submission to the medium and resisting it, the water soon gives way to to the life within it, embodying the aqueous force they blend and morph towards the other side of the surface.


In this debut collaboration between choreographer Shaymaa Shoukry and composer and editor Joel Cahen, their shared passion of the water medium is realised with an unusual project. Due to the lack of a physical collaborative space, the collaboration resulted in a video created in an intuitive and fluid creative process.

Duration: 11m

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry

Video edit and Music: Joel Cahen

Dancers: Farahnaz Hany, Salma Salem, Shaymaa Shoukry

Videographer: Shahir Maged Mikhail

Supported by Farnham Malting in the UK, The British Council and Orient Productions in Cairo.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Official Selection at Neum Underwater Film Festival 2023


Was a weekly radio show broadcast 2005 - 2016 on Resonance 104.4fm London

I served an abstract mash ups and simultaneous sound collages played live and improvised using two turntables,, two CD players, and effects unit and a bag full of MP3s film excerpts, field recordings and just about any possible sound I can get my hands on

2014. Soundsoup excerpts >> Click on images to listen

Live abstract Mash ups. silmuntaneous playback. Plunderphonic Schizophonic Cacophonic

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 14.29.40.png

As played live on NTS Radio back in the day

Extracting the quintessential gloop of epiphany in ritual practice through simultaneous playback. 




.Devil Voodoo.

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