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2005 – 2016

Live improvised, schizophonic, cacophonic, abstract sound collage mash ups using two turntables, three cd players and a laptop stacked with mp3s, field recordings, film excerpts, my own music and various recordings all played simultaneously. An hour of nonstop music.

Some of the lineage of mash ups can be found in this two-part podcast I prepared.

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2016 CACOPHONIC! Season 2

17th Feb 2016 – Episode 15 | Ingredients IN ORDER OF PLAY (!): 

TAKESHI TERAUCHI & THE BLUE JEANS – Kuroda Bushi > THE CLASH – Straight To Hell > ALFRED DELLER – Wraggle Taggle > METALLICA – Eye of the Beholder > DAVID BOWIE – Space Odditty > BERNARD PARMEGIANNI – En Phase Hors > KROTOK MORVAX PREDIKATOR – NKSintl > RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN – Theme from Oklahoma! > MARK ISHAM – Romeo is Bleeding > TAKESHI TERAUCHI – Tsugaru Kenryoubushi > MARiiA – Untitled 8 > ALFRED HARTH – Gaia > SPOEK MATHAMBO – Waiting for your name to be called > LADY JUNE LINGUISTIC LEPROSY – The Tourisy > KINGDOM SCUM – Rock’n’Roll Bullshit > LADY JUNE LINGUISTIC LEPROSY – Touch Downer > THE BEATLES – Dig a Pony > THE JESUS LIZARD – Rodeo in Joliet > BRAND NEW HEAVIES feat BLACK SHEEP – State of Yoyo > SHEREEM – Track 3 > EKKEHARD EHLERS – Blind 1 > EKKEHARD EHLERS – Plays 01 > CATHY BERBERIAN – Xango Canto de macumba > SHALABI EFFECT – Mokoondi > AIR SUPPLY – Lost in Love > DRESDEN DOLLS – Missed me > CHRISTIAN CALON & CHANTAL DUMAS – Cathedrale > HELDON – Perspective II > BRIAN ENO – Shadow > IGORRR – Putreflunt > DARKTHRONE – Skald av Satans Sol > ANDREW LLOYD WEBER – Poor fool he makes me laugh > ABLAYE CISSOKO & VOLKER GOETZE – Kana Maloundi > DMX KREW – Wave Funk > LED ZEPPELIN – No Quarter (live) > KANYE WEST – Hold my Liquor > ALHAJI YAYA – Side 2 > ADULT – Herd Me > ADULT – The Importance of being folk part 1 > LOS HERMANOS ROSARIO – Hay Algo En Ti > KAYO DOT – Gamma Knife > LEE MARVIN – I was born under a wandering star > SEBASTIAN ROUX – The Metallophone Song no.2 > PAUL ANKA – Lonely Boy > Recording of a church service in Morelia, Mexico > AWEX – My House is your house > JAMES HOLDEN – Renata > CHARLES MINGUS – Boogie Stop Shuffle > VYBEZ KARTEL – from the Time Served mixtape > TOM WAITS – Circus > ARVO PART – Spiegel im Spiegel > EDWARD ARTEMIEV – Dream from Solaris > SEBASTIAN ROUX – The guitar and drums song > LEHAKAT HANAHAL – Ruah Stav > HERBIE HANCOCK – Heartbeat > ATOMIC ROOSTER – Nobody Else > ELTON JOHN – Candle in the Wind > FAUST – Flashback Caruso > JANEK SCHAEFER, DJ OLIVE, LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Three by Three > GIUSEPPE IELAS – (third) Stunt pt 6 > HENRY FLYNT – Leather in High A >  METALLICA – Blackened > Recording of a sea lapping against shells in Dungeness > NOAH CRESHEVSKY – Strategic Defence Invitiative > KARLHEINZ ESSL – Action Rituelle – EMANUELE CENDRON – Screaming in the water > MOHAMMAD REZA MORTAZAVI – Hashtom pt3 > JOHN SURMAN – Prelude and Rustic Dance > RAYMOND SCOTT – New Years Eve in a Haunted House > ENSEMBLE AL KINDI SARMINI MOUDALLAL – Mul Washshah > SOFT CELL – Memorabilia > TERRY RILEY – The Hall of Mirrors Palace at v > OVO – Mammut > TUXEDOMOON – East Jinx Music #1 > LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN – Piano Sonata #23 >  COLUMN ONE – ep part 4 > COLUMN ONE – Telekomm


27th Jan 2016 – Episode 14 | Ingredients: Jodi Cave> Achrid> La Machoire> The Wailers> Excerpts from Bitter Lake> Harry Bertola> Ollie & Jerry> A$AP Rocky> Okay Temiz> DJ Assault> Joel Cahen> John Coltrane> Luther Vandross> The New Sins> Blondie> Piotr Kurek> Yellow Swans> Sun Ra Arkestra> Parvathy Baul> Arturo Lanz & Francisco Lopez> Hildegard Westerkamp> Spectrals> Factor X> Adrian Moore> Rodrigo Sigal> Strangulated Beatoffs> Alejandro Escuer> Gene Kruppa & Buddy Rich> Niccolo Paganini> Boyd Rice> Rush> Johan Brahms> Meco Monardo> Rare Earth> Los Tenientes> Pretty Things> Locas in Love> Roughage> Pork Queen> Noggin> Piangpith Siriwalai> The Cat> Music from a Ladakh Monastery> Depeche Mode> Cut Hands> Toby Driver

13th Jan 2016 – Episode 13 David Bowie special | Ingredients: Only music from various albums by David Bowie apart from Bowie covers by the Brighton Gay Choir, Note-Orious Choir, 613 Casual Choir, Weymouth Concert Brass and recordings of the David Bowie memorial street party in Brixton on Monday the 11th Jan.

6th Jan 2016 – Episode 12 | Ingredients: Bing Selfish & The Ideals> James Brown> Maxwell Miller & Performa 400> Jens Voigt-Lund> Christian Winther Christiansen> Mouthus> Josed> Excerpts from The Pink Marble Egg, Jubilee, Israeliut, Breathless> Caesar The Geezer> Shabazz Palaces> Radik Tu> Michiu Kaku> Kosheen> Shabazz Palaces> Sensational> Pierre Henry> Neu> Carl Maria von Weber> Toshimaru Nakamura> Column One> Audio Tourism> Angharad Davis> Midnight Mines> Karlheinz Stockhausen> Premiata Forneria Marconi> G.I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann> Opus 3> Elephant Man> Soft Pink Truth> Christian Calon & Chantal Dumas> Aileen Lambert> Roxy Music> Prince Paul> The Vanishing> Pentangle> Pantaleimon> Pierre Schaeffer> Anette Peacock> Gnomes of Zurich

2015 CACOPHONIC! Season 2 

16th Dec 2015 – Episode 11 | Ingredients: Ingemar Johansson> Traditional songs of Rahjastan> Fabrice Mogini> Piotr Kurek> Jasmine Thompson> Jasmine and Logan> Leopard Leg> Ishay Adar> The Company> Felix Jaehn> Sibelius> Jimmy Dean> Windy & Destiny> Jim Croce> Juneau Projects> Ornette Coleman> Twenty Trucks> Too Many Zooz> Annette Peacock> Bong> Melayeen> Don Cherry> Widmann> Hapshash & The Coloured Coat> Lilian Harvey> Albert Beger> Dub Silence> Stefano Tedesco> Panda Porn> Bnei Hama> Lietterschpich> Niel Campbell> A taste of Beatlemania> Excerpts from A Thin Red Line and African Queen> Ardra Neala> Arne Nordheim> Malando and his Tango Orchestra> Tits> Sounds from the Rosicrucian record> Respublikiniu Mokytoju Namu> Gary Oaky> music from the Depressing Comics compilation>

9th Dec 2015 – Episode 10 | Ingredients: Excerpt from Secrets of the Shadow World and Society Slut by George Kuschar> ire.app.(ext.)> excerpt from Its a Wonderful Life, Badlands, Performance, the Manchurian Candidate, The killing of a Chinese Bookie, The Seventh Seal, Satans Braten> Recordings from Pushkar, Piran, New York, Morelia, Amsterdam> Weimar Gesang> The Sensational Guitars of Dick and Dale> John Fahey> Jimmy Dean and the Trailmen> Dylan Thomas> Chomub.ini> Matmos> Cyclobe> Nico> and very likely a few undetected others

25th Nov 2015 – Episode 9 | Ingredients: Liliputian Flu Hallucination> Zu> Thighpaulsandra> T. Raumscmiere> Kurt Weill> Music that accompanied an Organised Sound journal> Ryoji Ikeda> Paul Okenfold + Justin Robertson> Ail Symudiad> Krzysztof Penderecki>  Kirkjuhvoll> Dizzee Rascal> J. S. Bach> Millie Jackson> Shereem> ASA Demo Audio> Taraf de Haidouks> Rhys Chatham> Bob Dylan> Peter Principle> The Urnäsch Streichmusik Alder> Tuxedomoon> David Sylvian> Andrew Liles> The Ink Spots> The Moody Blues> DJ Attack> Acid Birds III> Jacques Bekaert> Tuesday Jackson> Franz Schubert> Emerson Lake and Palmer> Nightwalker> Tati Querba Barraco> Asuna Minoru Sato> Diamond Black Hearted Boy> Arthur Russell> Fairy Char ASMR> Softly Galoshes ASMR> Walkthrough of Rayman Origins> Ensemble Pittoresque> Excerpt from Clan Twomey> Frank Zappa on Crossfire> Arca> David Grubbs & Susan Howe

18th Nov 2015 – Episode 8 | Ingredients: Mario animation series> Silja Nes> Quittinpaaq> D.A terence> Maddie & Tae> Kelsea Ballerini> Duke Eliington> RaeLynn> Sam Hunt> Brantly Gilbert> Elis Czerniak> Songs from Mtwara> Renaissance> Chinese traditional music> The Stargazer’s Assistant> Tchaikovski> Kobranocka> Olivera Katarina> Red Rat> Lee Scratch Perry> Hati> Billy Holiday> Magic Accordions of Adriano> Miso Soup> Death In June> The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam> Ensemble Achalay> Son of Kick> Rod Stewart> Gun Club> Eric Clapton> Joel Cahen> recordings of howling dogs> intro of the Electric Boogaloo> Judy Collins> Mark Ronson feat Bruno> Kiki/Ill & Con Brio> Susumu Yokota

11th Nov 2015 – Episode 7 | Ingredients: Cranium Bunch> John Wall> Anne Gillis> Blind Blake> Leigh Bowery> Devotchka Conundrum> Big Blood> Blixa Bargeld> Aphex Twin> Alice in Chains> Diana Ross> Bert Shaft Orchestra> John Cage’s Williams Mix> Andrey Segovia> Henry Mancini> Ralf Wehovski> A mash up of ASMR videos> DIX> Pita> Amy Winehouse> Karlheinz Stockhausen> Duran Duran> Duran Duran Duran> Edgar Varese> Max & Ruby> Eddie Gale> Eat Skull> Caetano Veloso> Steve Homes & Juliet Aster> John Wynne> Ceephax Acid Crew> Carmen Miranda> Yes Blythe> Gyorgy Ligeti> Charalambides> Excerpt from Once Upon a Time in the West> Stephen Rummage> Oliver Messiaen> Christian Marclay & Elliot Sharp> and a few unnamed more.

21  Oct 2015 – Episode 6 | Ingredients: Jexper Holmen> Autechre> Plaid> Sylvia Hallett> Joseph Haydn> Sam Smith> The Bug> Simon Christensen> Joao Pedro Olivera> Florence and the Machine> My Cat is an Alien> Hassania> Ebo Taylor> John Adams> Beck> C.D. Brooks> Hannes Buder> Amir Shoat and Cruel Twists> Radulescu> SDMPDX> Noah Creshevsky> The Stooges> Charlie Mingus> Meira Asher> Raymond Scott> Cab Colloway> Alfred Schnittke> Tear Gas> Usher> Ultre> Diamond Black Hearted Boy> May Blitz> Zaiden> The The> Rafael Toral > and several more undocumented

14 Oct 2015 – Episode 5 | Ingredients: from songs of the Palestinian Resistance> Ha’Givatron> Alejandro Escuer> Rodrigo Sigal> Pharaoh Sanders> Jose Miguel Candela> Kevin Pineda> Mads Emil Nielsen> Liquidario Celuloide> Matching Mole> Muhamad Ta> Simes Davis> Santana> Genghis Tron> Wolfgang Press> Cementimental> NitzerEbb> Patrick Cowley> Lilacs and Champagne> Don Cherry> Star Trek Into the Darkness Trailer> Francis Bebey> from Rebecca Horrox’s Teffradot> Kate SMith> Don Byron> Eddie Gale> Children of Bodom> Monty Adkins> Slayer> Eartha Kitt> Shalabi Effect> W A Mozart> Thai Shadow Music> Major Lazer> Abyssinia Infinite> Neven> Galaxy II> Ensemble Rustavi> John Surman> from Songs of the Mexican Revolution>The Balfa Brothers> l’Ensemble Achalay> songs from Gwasanaeth Crefyddol> Excepter> Fad Gadget

07 Oct 2015 –  Episode 4 | Ingredients: Al Green> Attwenger> Larry Young> Gregorian chants mass> Noah Creshevski> Guy Harries> Igorrr> Portal> King Crimson> Marcel Duchamp> Wolvserpent> recordings of Attwenger from Islamabad airport> Radik Tu> Bernard Parmegiani> Karlheinz Stockhausen> Glen Branca> James Bond theme> Ituri Pygmies> Fairport Convention> Anthony Rother> Matthias Kispert> Recordings from a window in Morelia> Denis Smalley> interview with Frank Zappa> excerpt from the anime Black Bible> Disco Rick and the Dogs> Cathy Berberian> Henry Purcell> recordings of monks from Lahsa> The Scorpions> Arik Einstein> Spax> Ivan Rebroff> Venetian Snares and DJ Speedranch> Ornette Coleman> Ingram Marshall and excerpt from Shutter Island> Donna Summers> Andriano Canzin> Current 93> Danny Kaye> and quite a few more left undocumented


23 Sept 2015 – Episode 3 | Ingredients: Drew McDowall> Cluster> Takako Minekawa> Jose Carreras> Lucas Abela> The Beatles> Eddie Kendricks> Mexican Fusca> Oli Barrett> Link Wray> Hi Dramatic> Popov> Sebastian Muravchik> Sam Nightingale> Ramin Keene> Matthias Kispert> Pharaoh Sanders> Yo Yo Ma> RAC> Simon Duff> Kink Gong recordings of Tibetan women Lama prayers> Iannis Xenakis> Jerry Lee Lewis> Annie Anxiety> Gregorio R.U.S Bardini> Nick Didkovsky & Limpe Fuchs> The Counts> Psychic TV> John Oswald> Joseph Haydn> DJ Misjah and Groovehead> NON> Karl Blake> Deep Purple> Francis Bebey> Bodenstandig 2000> Can> David Darling & Wulu Bunnu Tribe> Frank Zappa> Recordings from a synagogue sermon on Yom Kippur> Bobby Beausoleil> Delired Cameleon Family> Forbidden Five> Jeri-Jeri> Recordings of a large metal crusher


16th Sept 2015 – Episode 2 | Ingredients: Kyle Riley> Funkshy feat Andre Espeut> Sounds of the Modern Hospital> John Dowland> Yes Blythe> Hannah Rickards> recordings of Othello> Oiseaux Tempete> Strafe F.R> Melt Banana> Hagashash Hahiver> 90s acid-trance mix tape> Astrud Gilberto> Nurse With Wound> Eric La Casa and Seijiro Murayama> Stevie Wonder> Cardiacs> Friedrich Goldman>  Geeez & Gosh> Spax> DMX Krew> Lana Del Rey>  Danny Kaye> Adele> Kayo Dot> recordings of the World Cup> Jimi Hendrix> Secret Chiefs> Franz Schubert> Taraf Da Haiduks> Shining> WA Mozart> Trencher> Sebastien Roux> Ikeda & Noto> Devlin> Ken Nordine> Raymond Scott> Gil Melle> Siam> Second Hand> amongst others…


9th Sept 2015 – Episode 1 | Ingredients: undocumented


Jan 2015 – July 2015

A slightly new concept for the abstract mash up for this season. A seed word is chosen every week to generate the threads and branches of music/sounds. In addition to two turntables, three CD players and a bag full of MP3s, I am using the seed word in Youtube and various online sound archives to generate content. The result is intended to be continuous total cacophony undulating naturally in dynamic and density.

Due to the nature of the speedy nature of the improvisation it is not possible to mention all the ingredients that went into it.

click name to listen

22nd July 2015 | Impossible Duck

8th July 2015 | Mundane

1st July 2015 | The Brink & Sundaynia

29th May 2015 | Earworm

14th May 2015 | Gumboots

29th April 2015 | Pig

22nd April 2015 | Climax

8th April 2015 | No time for something

25th March 2015 | Forgetful Robot

18th March 2015 | Eclipse

11th March 2015 | Voracious Narcissism 

 11th Feb 2015 | Loci of Memory

4th Feb 2015 | Plane Crash

28th Jan 2015 | Fleshing



// Ingredients not in order of play

Soundsoup 21st Jan 2015 | Ingredients: Coppe> Fad Gadget> loops from a Son of Kick mix> f.s Bloom> Julio Iglesias> Gyorgi Ligeti> Silje Nes> Alan Licht & Brian Chase> Naked City> Chyskyyral> annoying web pop up ads> Azealia Banks> Poeta Magica> Peter Michael Hamel> het Zweet> Dire Straits> Sizzla> The Original Trinidad Steel Band> The Rolling Stones> Stray Cats> Gabriel Faure> Kenneth Granville Attwood’s recordings of steam trains> Kelis> Fairuz> Rudolf Eb. Er> Michael Bettine> Experdo Credo Roberto> Dix> Luciano Berio> excerpts from Africa Oye!> Big Blood> Joel Cahen> Ommm> The Body Haters> The XX> Frank Zappa> Dr. Z> Virgin Prunes> Maksim Shentelev> Rudi Wilderjans> > Oren Ambarchi> Bernard and Francois Baschet> Nico> Jonathan Bepler> The Libertines> Muimuitikiti > and possibly more


Soundsoup 17th Dec 2014 | Ingredients: Victor Ballestros> Heather McDermid> The Faceless> Miles Thorogood> Johnny Cash> Excerpts from Wodzirej, Star Trek, X-Men Days of Future Past, Kick Ass 2, Raging Bull, Melt your heart and blow your mind 2010 Japan> The Contortionist> Just Say No> One Direction> Ekseption> Zu> Rod Stewart> Glen Miller> Anat Ben David> Next Life> Venetian Snares> Jose Carreras> London Concrete> The Dubliners> Magnar Åm> Ferran Fages, Jean Phillipe Gross and Will Guthrie> The Abshalom ben Shlomo Ethnic Experience> Fabulous Flamenco> Sightings> Sebastiane Hegarty> A$AP Rocky> Alan Parsons Project> The Melvins> Harry Bertola> Hans J Salter and Paul Dessau> Elliphant>Pat Benetar> The Gaslamp Killer> Phillip Glass> Gotye> Camille Saint-Sans> Moderat> Uri Geller> Mohammad Reza Mortazavi> Azelia Banks> Andrew Liles> Cathy Berberian> Bernhard Lang> Anthony Rother> Arne Nordheim> Toyah and Tony Banks> Scots Guards and quite possibly more


Soundsoup 10th Dec 2014 | Ingredients: Rona Maubre – sounds from East Timor by Audiolab> Juryman vs Taraf de Haidouks> Bernard Parmegiani> Slapp Happy> Nine inch Nails> Sleep> Lou Reed> Jozef Anton Riedl> Ludwig van Beethoven> Sham Sufi> Iannis Xenakis> Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa> Daniel Higgs> M.I.K> J Beats> Heldon> Orbes> Delia Derbyshire> Vladimir Miller> Li’l Wayne> Mother of Mercy> Vangelis> Elephant Man> Bob Brozman & Djeli Mousa Diawara> The Valerie Project> Belinda Carlisle> Slayer> Lachadhilliyya> Freddy> Bojidar Dimov> a Thai 7″> Buddy Cole> Yehudit Tadmor> Mike Oldfield> Serbian wedding music> P.I.L> D Scarlatti> Dizzee Rascal> John Scofield> Alec Empire> Sun Ra> Kaffe Matthews> Audio Tourism Kaliningrad – Gdansk> and quite possibly more

Soundsoup 3rd Dec 2014 | Ingredients: Hildegard Westerkamp> Les Phones> Shostakovitch> Externe Speichereinheit> Gyrgy Ligeti> John Edwards> Goslings> The Clash> Illusions of Safety> Astral Social Club> Julian Bream plays John Dowland> Maria Carey> Red Stars Over Tokyo> Harry Stoneham> Nico> James Brown> Underground Resistance mixes> Lana Del Rey> Roberto Colombo> Harry Bertola> Cathy Berberian> Busdriver> Fred Frith> Klaus Kinski> athy Acker> Iggy Azalea> Spoek Mathambo> Queen> Popol Vuh> Keith Tippett> from The best of Kodo> Andriano Canzain> Blondie> Azelia Banks> Joseph Anton Riedl> Mbum Du Cameroun Prophet 23> Recordings from Kaliningrad, San Francisco and Palermo> and several more undocumented sources


Soundsoup 26th Nov 2014 | Ingredients: Rod Stewart> The Beatles> Joel Cahen> Henry Mancini> David Bowie> Moondog> Kasper T Toeplitz> The Hafler Trio> Harry Bertola> Excerpts from Fellini’s Satyricon and Cure> Cathy Berberian> Black Mayonaise> A-Soma and Eva Libertine> Toru Takemitsu> Current 93> Venetian Snares DJ Speedranch> Excerpts from DJ BPM’s mix> Eric Powell> Kathy Acker> Pantaleimon> Henry Flynt> Popol Vuh> Halvorsen / Skagen / Ryfylke> Kayaka> Muka Mweko> Ludwig van Beethoven> The Toxic Pijin> Ekkehard Ehlers> Butthole Surfers> Lindsay Cooper> Charlotte Rampling from Stardust Memories> Cherryholmes> Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa> Boris> Lou Harrison> Barbara Pittman> Shereen> Aphex Twin> Frankie Frogs> Tallulah Bankhead> Doctor Nerve> Schumann> Pavlov’s Dog> Respubliiniu Mokytoju Namu> Colosseum II> Edith Piaf> and some more


Soundsoup 19th Nov 2014 | Ingredients: N> Joel Cahen> MV + EE> Excerpts from Othello> Mariah Carey> Midnight Mines> Portishead> Devandrah Banhart> Master Musicians of Bukake> John Fahey> Column One> The Flamingos> Peter Hammill> Secret Chiefs> Zeitkrazer & Terre Thaemlitz> Duas> Debussy> from a Peruvian Experimental Music compilation> Bob Marley> Deep Red> Big Black> Christian Marclay> Alfred Harth> Bill Bruford> JP Hall> David Toop> The Beatles> Various car radio recordings> Dick Raaijmaker> Recordings in Wales, Arad, Palermo and Six Flags in St Louis> Simon Duff> Gestalt Orchestra> Supercollider> kool Keith> Coil> DJ Pica Pica Pica> Francoise Bayle


Soundsoup 12th Nov 2014 | Ingredients: Long Dead Kings> Currituk CD> Bert Shaft Orchestra> Evil Dick & The Band Members> Adrian Moore> Duke Ellington & Count Basie> Pat Benetar> Sturle Dagsland> Cranium Bunch> Kenny Process Team> Satan Alpha Beel Atem> Phillip Glass> Gary Numan> Karlheinz Essl> Joel Cahen> The Art Ensemble of Chicago> Mouthus> Alessandro Bosetti> The Soft Boys> Bruno & Michel are Smiling> Leopard Leg> Recordings from a nuclear bunker in Essex, a ship raising anchor in a lake in Switzerland, an oxygen machine in Haifa, and cycling onto a train in London> Matthew Bower> Peter Hammill> anal Garden> Meredydd Evans and the Tryfan Octet> Fat> Camel> Champion Jack Dupree> Column One> Kool & the Gang> Taraf de Haidouks>> Shit & Glitter> Charles Premier> Electric Wizard> Herbie Hancock> a poem by Jim Dening> Theme tune from SSSS> Sounds from Tortura> National songs of Bulgaria> Radio Savage Houndy Beastie> Yann Tomita & The Doopees


Soundsoup 5th Nov 2014 | Ingredients: Alfredo Genovesi> Ad Visser> Delired Chameleon Family> The Rebel> The Mystery Water Saloon Boys> Bucketrider> Sam Cooke> Maggie Nichols, Lindsay Cooper and Joelle Leandre> Dave Tucker> Ornette Coleman> Momus> Joseph Anton Riedl> Gong> Spandau Ballet> The Korgies> T.I.T.S> Portal> Leonard Cohen> Domenico Sciajno> Boredoms> Martin Archer> Missy Elliot> My Panda Shall Fly> Scarlatti> Spinmaster Plantpot> Julie London> Bernard Loibner> Bill & Ben Flowerpot men> Trio> recordings in Thailand, Kaliningrad and London> The Muppets with Lena Horn> Wendy Carlos> Phantom Orchard> Alfred Deller> Marlene Dietrich> L Gregova & M Aronova> Thelema> Annie Anxiety> Elan Sicroff playing music composed in collaboration with Thomas de Hartmann and G. I. Gurdjieff> Julian Bream> Sussy Ibara> Norma Bellini> John Cage> Bulgarian national songs

Soundsoup 15th Oct 2014 | Ingredients: Theme> Nicola Monopoli> John Nichols III> Das Kabinette> Somnambulist> Jimmy Dean and the Trailmen> Kayaka> Zehava Ben> Bit Meddler> Arvo Part> Venetian Snares & Speedranch> Cyclobe> Los Reyes> Psychophysicist> Marvin Gaye> Pharaoh Sanders> Cassiber> David Bowie> Beach Boys> Ravi Shankar & Ahmedjan Thirakhwa> Miles Davis> Benjamin Lew> Thelma Houston> Sensational> Spoek Mathambo> DJ Yo-Yo Dieting> recording of an exorcism> Thomas Weelkes> Arne Nordheim> a story by R Kipling in Russian> an excerpt from a Jacques Cousteau film> a recording of a pop up spam> an excerpt from Network and from Apocalypse Now> Joel Cahen> Black to Comm> Mother of Mercy> Sunn O)))> Mrtyu> Holden> Slowburst Katedra

Soundsoup 8th Oct 2014 | Ingredients: King Tubby> Tom Waits> Charlie Mingus> Leafcutter John> Mia X> Rachmaninov> DAF> Lionel Marchetti> Cloudead> Denis Smalley> Sonic Youth> The Beatles> Xentos> Joe Dassin> David Bird> Recordings of a football match in Vanuatu, a puppet show in Thailand, a rainforest in Australia and the M4> Sham Sufi> Aldous Huxley> Michael Gira> Jacques Dudon> Brand New Heavies feat Black Sheep> Bo Diddley> John Adams> FKA Twigs> Devlin> Mohammad Reza Mortazavi> Chris and Cosey> Slant Azymouth> Laurent Jeanneau> Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford> John Oswald> Benjamin Lew> Cabaret Voltaire> Vladimir Wisotzki> The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam> Dani> and some tracks from a Le Dernier Cri compilation.


Soundsoup 24th Sept 2014 | Ingredients: Robert Bearsby> Kenny Process Team> Psychic TV> FKA Twigs> Bo Diddley> Mohammad Reza Mortazavi> Tsunami ft Tinie Tempah> Adele> Pierre Peret> Gotye> Thor’s Hammer> Melvins> Autechre> Stars in Battledress> Embryo> Coil> XXYYXX> Ben Frost> Leszek Mozdzer> Albert Ayler> Charles Mingus> John Coltrane> Miles Davis> Archie Shepp> Gil Melle> Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson> Howl in the Typewriter> from a Debka dance music selection> Sugars from the Depressing Comics compilation> Giacomo Puccini> various recordings by Joel Cahen on a Thai beach, in a Kava bar, in Lanzarote vineyards, a Las Vegas casino and Heathrow airport> Blue Stingrays> Joel Cahen> Anthony Rother> Gershon Kingsley> Antonin Artaud> Diamond Black Hearted Boy> Conchita> Slayer> Zhong Minjie & Lin Zhiying> Philip Samartzis> Janek Schaefer> Wolfgang Mozart> Edgar Varese> Einsturzende Neubauten> The Abbess Hildegard of Bingen> Kinderchor von Bet Shemesh> The Pastels> Sounds of a Modern Hospital and quite possibly more


Soundsoup 17th Sept 2014 | Ingredients: Spax> Robert Wyatt sings Jan Steele> John Cage > Masters> Erica Badu> Chomub.ini> Maxim waraat> Moshi Honen> Column One> Wham> Matmos> Horacio Pollard> La Lupe> LFO> Ekkehard Ehlers> Iancu Dumitresco> Stefano Tedesco, Rhodri Davis and Jes Williamson> > Balinescu Quartet> Lalo Schifrin> Albert Beger> Recordings by Joel Cahen> Fat Truckers> Gyorgi Kurtag> Meredith Monk> Midnight Oil> Libby Holman> Arthur Russell> Gary Numan> Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shenkar> Metabolismus> Planxty> Zbigeniew Wiszniewski> Malayeen> and more remain undocumented

Soundsoup 2nd April 2014 Last of the season | Ingredients: Double> Aleppian Music Room> Doneao> Liquid Sky soundtrack>Joel Cahen> Boyd Rice and Frank tovey> Yazoo, Sergei Rahmaninov> Supersilent> Recordings from the NYC subway> Alice in Chains> Islaja> lucero nacht bettinelli>Beijing Noise Lady> Paavoharju> Slayer> Michael Orimiston & Candida Valentino> Bernard Leitner> Christof Migone> Mordubian> Bruce Springsteen> The Sound> Calypso King and the Soul Investigator> Bell Telephone Laboratories> Velvet Underground> Lou Harrison> Talking Heads> Elton John> Ekkehard Ehlers> Gilles Gobeil> Necro Deathmort>Billy Preston> Pelican> Death Grips> John Coltrane> Gestalt Orchestra> Pink Floyd> Gehdalia Tzartes> George Crumb> Louie Austin> Actress> nowaylethi mbizweni and nofirst lungisa> Anthony Rother> Delia Derbyshire> Daphne Oram> Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa> Vladimir Miller> Rafael Toral

Soundsoup 26th March 2014: Ingredients: Camille Saint Seans> Double> Kurt Weill> Camel> 2+2=5> Meir Ariel> Son of Kick> Ryoji Ikeda> Bernhard Lang> Ebe Oke> Sufi chants from Cairo> Dariush Dolat> Tuxedomoon> Eaten By Children> Sonny Boy Williamson> Ganawa> Radio Aporee- recordings from Taiwan> T. Raumschmiere> Eurythmics> Crazy Titch> E+E> Giacanto Scelsi> Japan> Radio Aporee – Recordings from Florida> The Nice> Lou Reed> Aileen Lambert> Robert Crumb> Excerpt from a Jan Svanmaker animation> Henri Pousseur> Bela Bartok> Excerpt from Goodfellas> Lulluputian Flu hallucination> Kayaka> Sun Ra> Charles Dodge> Jacques Dudon> Nico> La Lupe> France Sauvage> Wiley> Napalm Death> Smack> Grisey> Thighpaulsandra.


Soundsoup 19th March 2014. Ingredients: Emanuel Cedron> Grisey> Radio Aporee- recordings from Japan> Brian Eno> Coil> Abyssinia Infinite> Baka Beyond> Shining> Shalamar> Alice Coltrane> Bonnie Tyler> Charlie Mingus> Teleman> Sebastian Roux> Charles Premier> Bach> Acanthus> David Darling & Wulu Bunnu Tribe> Evil Moisture> Gil Melle> Caroliner Rainbow> Harry Partch> Arthur Russel> Radio Aporee – Recordings from Nepal> Rokeri S Moravu> Sightings> chinese instrumental ensemble> Catherine Ribeiro> Robert Wyatt>FNS> Clock DVA> Simon and Garfunkel> Lightning Bolt> Daniel Higgs> Terry Riley> John Lennon> Dean Martin>Leo Orenstein> Spax> Nico Muhly> Joel Cahen

Soundsoup 5th March 2014. Ingredients: a mash ups of mash ups. ingredients unknown


Soundsoup 26th Feb 2014. Ingredients: Eartha Kitt> Seijiro Murayama and Eric La Casa> Music from the street musicians of Yogyakarta> Wim Mertens> David Bowie> Kayaka> P.F.M> Berio and Berberian> Anawa> LTJ Bukem> Love> Tim Buckley> Karmin> Bob Dylan> Renaissance> Vas Deferens Organisation> Asa Chung and Junray> Devandrah Banhart> Dean Martin> Stevie Wonder> Joel Cahen various film excerpts mash up> Ligeti> Bubbles> Ratos De Porao> The Shaggs> Yma Sumac> recording of a Wicca Ritual> Diamanda Galas> Cane 141> Anat Ben David> Apo33> Traditional Thai Music> Ennio Morricone> NWA> Mika> random recordings from Radio Aporee> Yasunao Tone> The Flamingos> Spax> Extracts from Troll 2, a KLOU broadcast and the radio play Gunsmoke The Imposter> Talking Heads> and a few more…

Soundsoup 19th Feb 2014. Ingredients, pretty much in order of play: Coil> Yves Daoust> Pan American> Glee Cast> Alfred Schnitke> Boris Feoktictov> Pink Floyd> Lilacs and Champagne> Rafael Toral> Pansonic> Xentos> Charles Mingus> Liv Runesdatter> The Tripper> Larry Jon Wilson> John Philip Sousa> Solar Return> Gyrgy Ligeti> Meredydd Evans> Vacuum Tree Head> Aksak Maboul> Phil Durrant> Pink Floyd> Eddie Gale> John Lennon> Hugh Metcalfe> Nico> Tony Joe White> Cassetteboy> Roberto Dabriou-Veranin> Nurse With Wound> Kate Bush> Chromatic> Chris Farlow> Gestalt Orchestra> Jerry Lee Lewis> The Art of Loving> Black Sabbath> Dick Raaijmakers> Mothertongue> Ali Akhbar Khan

Soundsoup 12th Feb 2014. Ingredients: Shaun Robert Factor X> Daoust> David Toop and Max Eastly> Pedro Garcia and his Del Prado Orchestra> Anne Gosfield> Arca>FIngers Inc> Winny Puhh> Hamid Al Mou> Lee Marvin> Ebe Oke> FreuPinta> Songs from Phongsali Laos from Kink Gong> Nicola Monopoli> The Upsetters> Sebastian Hegarty>Fingers Inc>  Elliott Sharp> Martin Archer> The Astroglides> Nina Simone> Mrs Mills> Biddue Orchestra> Graeme Revell & Anthony Mannix> Music from Stereo cocktail> Cathy Lane> extracts from La Naissance de Pincochio> Renato rinaldi> Kvelertak> J. Innes> Fessenden> K.P.> Talibam> Revolting Cocks> Gloria Coats> Aby Ngana> Alfred Deller> Between the Buried and Me> John Lee Hooker> Minimal Compact> Lindsay Cooper> extracts from Long Good Friday and Stardust Memories.

Soundsoup 5th Feb 2014. Ingredients: Cathy Lane> The Secret Chiefs> Paul Brett> Der Plan> Ratos de Porao>  Autechre + Hafler Trio> Goat> Pierre Boulez> Donna Summers> Position Normal feat Valerie Perkins> Bob Brozman & Djeli Mousa Diawara> Alan Licht> Guapo> Vangelis> Die Form & Aube> Chic> Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins> Frank Sinatra> Alfredo Genovesi> Huffnung Orchestra> Weber> Webern> a track from the 1933 schlagerparade album> Iggy Pop> Alessandro Bosetti> Beenie Man> Merzbow> Juan Carlos Vasquez> Cody Kauhl> JS Bach> John Nichols III> Madness> Gyorgy Ligeti> Brian Eno> Elton John> Farahnez Hatam> Hirsche Nicht auf Sofa> Karlheinz Stockhausen> Yaseen Taylor Cahen> Satanicpornocultshop> Current 93> Kortok Morvax Predikator> Death> Ikeda & Noto

Soundsoup 22nd Jan 2014. Ingredients: Shaun Robert> Sidney Bechet> Steve Reich> Maurice Jarre> British bird Song> Anthony Rother>  Music from the film SSSS> Laurie Spiegel> Children of Bodom> Curtis Mayfield> Jac Berrocal> Ennio Morricone> Keiji Haino and Boris> Nurse With Wound> Maurice Careme> The Residents>  Led Zeppelin> Wondeur Brass> Nina Simone> Michael Malerhof>  Debelinov> Arne Nordheim> Nitzerebb> Ween> Vangelis> Yann Novak> Matthias Kispert> Annie Gosfield> Wim Kan> Blaster Bates> Henri Pousseur> Wyrd Visions> Nigella Lawson> Tito Schipa> Music from the monks of Ladakh> Danielle Dax> from the Roots of Chicha> Jim Fox> Guigou Chenevier & Sophie Jausserand

Soundsoup 15th Jan 2014. Ingredients: Diamond Black Hearted Boy> Traditional Thai music> Harry Nilsson> The Flamingos> Diamanda galas> Vangelis> Excerpts from Zardoz and Network> a recording of an excorcism> Anat ben David> Nick Cave> Fulafalonga> Danny Golan> Simon Whetham> Gyorgi Ligeti> Sex Gang Children> Lucianio Berio and Cathy Berberian> some unknown Reggae> Arik Einstein> The Dillinger Escape Plan> DJ Yung Bukkake and Total Freedom> Giacanto Scelsi> Shabazz Palaces> E+E> Between The Buried and Me> Daniel Parcell> John Zorn> Vladimir Miller> Ekseption> Tangents> Botany> Bobby Peru> Bafo Da Onca> Anthologie de Chanson de Salle de Garde> Village music from Bulgaria> and a random collection blended using the Geomixer on Radio Aporee

Soundsoup 8th Jan 2014: Ingredients: N/A


29th July 2013: Repeat from 22nd April 2013

Soundsoup 22th July 2013: Ingredients: Joachim Ngoi> Denis Smalley> an anonymous Thai CD> Cinema Strange> BBBlood> Josh Goldman> DAF> Adrian Moore> Paul Anka> Scott Walker> La Chahiliyya> Heiner Goebles, Peter Belgvad, Chris Cutler, Christoph Anders> Haim Topol> BBC 1922-1972> JS Bach> Coil> Brian Eno> Moonblood> Tuxedomoon> Ross Birdwise> Spoek Mathambo> Miles Thorogood> Kingdom Scum> Missy Elliot> Arthur Lyman> Folke Rabe> Ghedalia Tzartes> Doris Day> Tim Dog> Erik M> Bernard Fevre> Adrian Dziewanski> David Bowie> Martin Archer> White Bike Rack> Indian Jewelry>  Laurie Anderson> possibly more

Soundsoup 15th July 2013: with La Horrox on the decks. Ingredients: Poems by Jim Dening> Tuxedomoon> Peter Hammill> Spax> Poib Fehr> Ian Dury> Steely Dan> Necro Deathmort> Blondie> Beenie Man> Ebe Oke> Sham Sufi> Kool & The Gang> Curved Air> Music from Iraq> Country Joe & the Fish> Shannon> Major Lazer> Gounot> Sham Sufi> Kate Bush> Vytaufas Babravicius> Jim Fassett> Crass> A-Soma and Eve Libertine> Ronaldo’s Revenge> Mazyliu Ir Jaunuciu Choras> Smack Miranda feat Spinmaster Plantpot> BBBlood> John Fahey> The Who> and quite possibly more

Soundsoup 8th July 2013. Ingredients: Matmos> Mu> Peter Hammill> Gyorgi Ligeti> Bros> Ali Farka Tour> Yo Yo Ma> Birthday Party> Agua Dulce> Rolo Tomassi> Andrew Liles> Luc Ferrari and Otomo Yoshihide> John Oswald> Blank Disc> Paul Anka> Little Richard> Devotchka Conundrum> Henry Purcell> Tangerine Dream> Daniel Blinkhorn> Bill Withers> Black> Mamas and the Papas> AntiFamily> Jaume Sisa> Excepter> Alistair Crawley> Tod Dockstader> Stanley Black and his Orchestra> David Toop> Ensemble of Traditional Musical Instruments of Japan Carole King> Bulgarian Pipes girl choir> John Cale> Alvin Stardust> Spax> Scots Guards training battalions> Various youtube vids> Frith, Laswell and Hayward> acapella on the street> Sleepy People> Heidi Mortensen> Sham Sufi

Soundsoup 1st July 2013. Ingredients: Blank Disc> Death Necromort> Martin Denny> Ghedalia Tazartes> Steve Hackett> Christopher Cordoba> Millevoi/Ricart> 4tet> Paul Simon> Stars on High> Hirsch Nicht Auf Sofa> Charles Ives> Chromozom> Steve Howe> the Remote Viewer> REO Speedwagon> Das Plan> Pelican> Sly & the Family Stone> Bahareini Fidjeri music> Recording of a Thai folk band> Pigeons in Space> Shlomo Gronich> Buddy Cole> Led Zeppelin> AntiFamily> A Small Good Thing> music from Showboat> Stickdog> Prince Rama> Elton John> The Cat> Trap Door> Tangerine Dream> John Pearse> James Fassey> a quadlibet by Steffen Schleireman> Billy Childish> John Cage – Williams Mix with Karlheinz Stockhausen – Hymnen > + a few more forgotten in haste

Soundsoup 24th June 2013 with Raz Olsher of Fossil Studios: Ingredients: Everything that Raz played> Excerpts from Images by Robert Altman(good film)> From Radical Glass Music #3> Emerson Lake and Palmer> from the film Magritte> DAF> Peaches> Fred Frith> Jackson 5> Bauhaus> Spike Jones> an acapella choir singing Bowie> Idiot Flesh> Blondie> Boyd Rice> Izhar Cohen> various recordings by Joel Cahen> Brianiac> MU> Stars on High> John Zorn> Burial> Erik Satie> Villa Lobos> Pierre Henry> Sickdog> music from Rosmary’s baby> music from Buena Vista Social Club> Johnny Cash> Remote Viewer> Alva Noto> Clara Rokmore> Rod Stewart and many many more

Soundsoup 17th June 2013: Ingredients: Blur > Alland Assiri> Mu> Radiohead> Nico> Micachu and the Shapes> Tim Dog> Colette Magny> Lidov> FuTuReCoRe> Sounds from Phongsali Laos> Nico> Surinamese Music> Godflesh> Kortok Morvax Predikator> Marvin Gaye> Stomu Yamsh*ta> Hermann Nitsche> Yves Montand> Alexander Hacke> Jean Guillou> Maurizio Bianchi> Bobby Vinton> Wolf Eyes> The XX> David Ben Gurion> A Small Good Thing> Bette Kirby> Recordings from a Thai puppet dance> Surinamese top hits> The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam> Justin Bieber> Rush> Peter Principal> Execution Squodd> Asa Chang and Junray> Cotton Ferox> Venus Gang> Circle> Thunderclap Newman> Subtropic> Music from Mtwara Tanzania


Soundsoup 3rd June 2013: Ingredients: Steely Dan> Eddie Gale> Scala> Alex Thomas> Traditiona Music from Thailand> the Peanut Vendor> Raw Deal> Stomu Yamsh*ta> Krzystoph Penderecki> John Zorn> Iannis Xenakis> Daniel Higgs> Schubert & Schnabel> Hugh Metcalfe> Joey B> Yael Levy> Manolis Koureris> Vybez Kartel> Swim Platform> Strpipper tunes> an unknown chinese album> a Thai crooner> The Dixie All Stars> Shinichi Kinoshita> Nikki Minaj> Ricky Lee Jones> Richard Sanderson & Mark Sanders> Daddy Kev> Alice in Chains> Hank Snow> Spike Jones and his City Slickers> Enric Fazio> The Diabolical Biz Markie> Mykkie Blanco> Fjellestad Kowald Reason & Robinson> Spax amongst a few more

Soundoup 22nd April 2013: Ingredients: Spoek Mathambo> Wu Tang Clan> Kaiser Kimura Jim ORourke Oswald> Pierre Henry> Denis Smalley> Archie Shep> Abner Jay> Alva Noto> Cow’p> Pauline Oliverios> Xentos Jones> The Hafler Trio> Terrestrial Tones> Nico> Kotai> Cos> Meira Asher> Mohinder> Blank Disc> Philip Corner> Anton Lukoszevieze> Women of the SS> John Wynne and an extract from The Verdict> music from Mtwara Tanzania and from Phongsaly Laos courtesy of King Gong> Piotrovic/Stangl/Zaradany> Goem> Yann Tomita> The Rhythm Kings> The Regals> Nicanor Zabaleta> Topol> Limpe Fuchs> Diana Ross> The Residents> David Bowie> Micatone> Spax> BBC Archive> The Magnificent Gonads> Laurie Anderson> Yo Yo Ma playing Bach> The Young Gods> Gustav Mahler> The Beatles> Locas in Love> Element of Crime

Soundsoup 15th April 2013: Ingredients: Joel Cahen> Amir Shoat> In The Nursery> Mike Oldfield> Stylus> Geez n Gosh> Throbbing Gristle> Swans> Wu Tang Clan> Next Life> Joe Zeitlin> The Whispering Minority> Messy Jizz & da Fink> Xperimenthell> Coil> Stein> Alfred Schnittke> Kool and the Gang> recording of an abattoir> Camille Saint Saens> Shereem> Khan> rex Lawson> Excepter> Traditional music from Japan> bellini Norma> Bahareini Fidjeri Music> Sunburnt Hand of Man> Messer Chups> The Jaye Consort>  Free> Duke Ellington> Crass> Russian Folk Songs> Music from Winnie the Pooh and Pinocchio> Music from Burundi> The Torero Band> The Pickwick Society of Performing Arts> Howie B> East End Baddies> The Bell of Snooland Town> Yiorgos Papasideris> Zoviet France> Kobranocka> Stereo Cocktail> Hala Strana> James Mulcrow Drew> Francois Rabbath> maybe more?


Soundsoup 25th March 2013. Ingredients: Solex> 69> Prince> The Residents> M.I.A> 23 Skidoo> The Plastics> Needles> Colin Newman> Diana Ross> Recordings of Amsterdam, a rollercoaster ride in St Louis, a bus ride to france> Cinema Strange> Excerpts from Barry Lyndon, a violent Japanese film and Dallas> Gene Vincent> Warp 37> Jac Berrocal> Radio Tisdas> Federico Schumacher> Gil Melle> Charles Mingus> Talking Heads> James Last> Art of Noise> Boyd Rice> Shereen> Boredoms> Metallica> Bellini> Zeni Geva> Naked City> Zubi Zuva x> Ceephax> Milanese> The Gasman> Rodelius> Squarepusher> Stock Hausen Walkman> Tazul Izan Tajuddin> The Abominable Mr Tinkler> Toshiro Mayuzumi> Cal Tjader> Ove-naxx> Ezra Pound> MoHa> Chips or the Poor> and more…

Soundsoup 18th March 2013. Ingredients: Blank Disc> Joel Cahen> The Dynamic Superstars> Curd Duca> Pink Floyd> Tuxedomoon> Nurse With Wound> Needles> Retro AKA> Marlene Dietrich> Graham Bowers> Lionel Marchetti> Hildegard Westerkamp> Sonic Youth> Lipps Inc> Brooke Candy> from Seven Brides to Seven Brothers> Gonjasufi> Al Gromer Khan> Yemen Blues> Skindred> Rihanna> Los Fabuloso Cadilacs> Spax> Jasper> Stitch> Joe Zeitlin> Loren Nerell> Steve Reich> Black Sabbath>  Die Knodel> Autechre> Kapelle Peter Burri> Jodelclub Hasle-Rëgsau> Deep Purple> Jacques Bekaert> Extracts from Moby Dick and from The War Game> Joe Kunst> Deep Purple> Santana> Tim Curry> Stomu Yamsh*ta> Krzystof Penderecki> Sailcat> Kiri te Kanawa> Readings from Just So Stories> Excerpts from Sedmikrasky> Recordings from a synagogue on Yom Kippur and of a televised football match in French on a boat in the South Pacific.

Soundsoup 11th March 2013: Ingredients: Shalom Gidi> Mykki Blanco> Barclay James Harvest> Spoek Mathambo> Dizzee Rascal> Joy Division> Recordings from East Timor> Bix Biederbecke> Volcano> Orchestra Pi Phat> Dancing Child> Merzbow> Beethoven> Beatles> Christian Wallumrod Ensemble> DJ By Hand> John Oswald> Coil> Hall & Oats> Tracey & The Plastics> Ekkehard Ehlers> Andrew Liles> Tim Buckley> Bulgarian national songs> Malando and his Tango Orchestra> Les Thugs> Ornette Coleman> Lyn Collins> The Animated Egg> The Knife> MIA and Timbaland> Lilacs & Champagne> Gamelan Gong> Michael Jackson> Kode 9> Bodenstandig> Boards of Canada> Ratatat> Carl Sagan> Excerpts from Subspecies 3> quite possibly more…


Soundsoup 4th March 2013: Ingredients: Spax> Xinlisupreme> Paul Brett> Boyd Rice> Keith and Julie Tippett> Music from East Timor recorded by Audio Lab San Sebastian> Elsa Justel> Eric La Casa> the Rolling Stones> Helen Kane> Imagination> 2nd Gen> Current 93> Jimmy Spicer> David Bowie> Billy Joel> Christeene> Major Lazer> Delia Derbeshire> Rafael Toral> Fanfare Ciocarlia> Les Baxter> Purcel> Schubert> Dick Hyman with Mary Mayo> Sunn o)))> Henry Flynt> Bob Marley and the Wailers> Denis Smalley> Grateful Dead> Zonk> BBBlood> Michael Bentine> The Who> from the album Songs from Wales> Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers> Laibach> Cocteau Twins> Kid 606> Miles Davis> Kawaii> Soul Patrol> more music from East Timor


Soundsoup 25th Feb 2013: Ingredients: Dick Raaijmaaker> The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight> Gestalt Orchestra> Ludwig van Beethoven> Martin Denny> Arvo Part> Billy Holiday> Bernard Parmegianni> Francoise Bayle> Dynasty Soundtrack> Donald Duck Nazi films> Jack Jersey> Jimmy Buffet> Current 93> Ghedalia Tezartes> Phil Minton> Shirley Collins> The Residents> Matthias Kispert> Frank Zappa> Horrific Child> Frankie Plato-Beale> Birushana> King Crimson> Joel Woods> The Boredoms> Steppenwolf> Mykki Blanco> Nurse With Wound> Envy> Lady Sovereign> Busdriver> Kool Keith> Sensational> Sun Ra> Felix Kubin> Johnson Makhalall> Songs from Wales


Soundsoup 18th Feb 2013: Ingredients not really in order: random plays from the Influence 100 DVD No Go Zones audio radio project nogozones.wordpress.com courtesy of Claudia Wegener> Thomas Di Muzio> Mariah Kurcab> Karamoko Keita> Raymond Scott> Prince> Gil Scott Heron> Yamoah Band> Radboud Mens> Pharoah Sanders> Tom Waits> Forest Fire Big Band> Einstursende Neubauten> Dinosaur L> Cop Shoot Cop> Lou reed> My Bloody valentine> Slant Azymouth> Maurizio Bianchi> The Chipmunks> The Dixie All Stars> Sightings> Friedrich Smetana> WA Mozart> various Bulgarian 7″> Manfred Mann> Michael’s Uncle> Spax


Soundsoup 11th Feb 2013: Ingredients in approximate order of mashing: Spax> Sex Mob> Rudy Ray Moore> Confessor> Diana Ross> Pentagram> Lecture on Nothing> Cementimental> Onili> Lou Reed> Front Line Assembly> Bubblyfish> Slant Azymouth> Weirding Vessel> Machine Drum> Robbie Avenaim> Glen Branca> Screaming Jay Hawkins> La India De Oriente> Spax> Puerto Muerta> The Screaming Blue Messiahs> The Radio Tisdas Sessions>  JS Bach> Eager Meek> Mialessot w/Daniel Carter & Old Ghost> Maria Chavez> Virgin Passages>  Themselves> Naked City> Mothertongue (Andrew McKenzie, Zev, Doro Franck)> Ivan Rebrof>  Brian Eno> Dominique Young Unique> Loren Mazzazane Connors & David Grubbs> Polmo Polpo> Alva Noto> Eros Necropsique> La India De Oriente

Soundsoup 4th Feb 2013: Ingredients: Tonight’s ingredients have not been recorded

Soundsoup 28 Jan 2013: Ingredients: Spax> Conlon Nancarrow> Reite villager songs> Pedro Garcia and his Orchestra> Pan American> Akosh Szelevényi & Gildas Etevenard> Christian Marclay> Bonnie Tyler> Harry Partch> FNS> Scarlatti> Si Begg> Dj Shadow> George Hunt> Charles Premier> Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich> Sebastian Roux> Darkthrone> Eartha Kitt> Jan Steele> Jimmy Buffet> Mrs Mills> Monty Python> The Retro Spankees> Cheech and Chan> John Cage> THe Geoff Love Singers> Felix Kubin> Strafe F.R> Jonathan Kane> Testifying> Benjamin Lew> Cathy Lane> Excerpts from The Manchurian Candidate, Faraway So Close and The Blob> Delia Derbyshire> Amaswazi Emvelo> Colin Olan> Bernhard Leitner> Dan Lander> Johnny Greenwood> Gustav Mahler> The Bee Gees> Sun Ra> recordings of orgasm machines> Rada and Tzadik> Ovo> Francois Bayle> Keiji Heino> Barry Truax


Soundsoup 21 Jan 2013: Ingredients: Vybz Kartel> mix tape from Zambia> Rinato Rinaldi> Caroliner Rainbow> Karleinz Stockhausen> Nurse With Wound> Besarin Quartet> King Tubby> Sidney Bechet> Alva Noto> Aphex Twin> Food Pyramid> Bit Meddler> Cream> Van Morrison> Vybz Kartel> The Gun Club>  Gjikas & Walshe> Jealousy Mountain Duo> Doris Day> James Last> Rolf Harris sings stairway to heaven> Music from the Monastaries of Ladakh> Sergei Prokopfiev> Phonecia> Matmos> Metabolismus> The Soggy Bottom Boys> Ultranate> AC/DC> Mungo Jerry> Kayaka> Vybz Kartel again> New Flesh for Old> Fantomas> Recordings from a synagogue> Trevor Wishart> Bee Gees> SND> Stereo Cocktail> PIL> JS Bach> Pac man> Keith Tippet> Joel Cahen


Soundsoup 07 Jan 2013: Ingredients: John Zorn> Spax> Red Stars over Tokyo> Cannibal Ox> Zavoloka> from Songs of Wales> Alec Empire> A_dontigny> Phil Collins> Midnight Oil> VVM> Focus> Lionel Marchetti & Olivier Caparos> Welsh church songs> Paul Okenfold & Justin Robertson>  Hazel O’connor> Anthony Tan> Christina Kubisch> Bernard Leitner> QRT> Offenbach> UI> BBC Sound Effects No. 5 – the sound of a Triumph 650cc> Country joe an the Fish> The Art Ensemble of Chicago> Sudden Infant> Fatima Miranda> Dick Raaijmaker> Vader Abrahams> Bobby Beausoleil> The Mekons> Conlon Nancarrow> Kozo Inada> Clannad> TV2> Wishbone Ash> cow’p & Dudsock> Alva Noto & Scanner> Nico> Talibam!


Soundsoup III: 17th Dec 2012: Ingredients not in order of play at all:  Spax> Excerpts from The Manchurian Candidate> Excerpts from various trailers of American blockbuster apocalypse films> Yehudit Ravitz & Yoni Rechter> Nora Dean> Esther Phillips> Henry Rollins> Swans> Joel Cahen & Amir Shoat> Iggy Pop> Peaches> Erica Badu> Ricard Wagner> Omar Faruk Tekbilek> Liv Runesdatter> Tipsy> Pansonic> Keiji Haino & Boris> Thomas Dimuzio> Meret Becker> Leszek Mozdzer> Mandarin Movie> Alexander Hacke> Recording of a violcello in Robodok> Ethel Smith> Edmund Pascha> Gong> Emerson Lake & Palmer> David Fanshaw> Rimsky Korsakov> Recording of an online auction and possibly more stuff forgotten in the haste

Soundsoup III: 10th Dec 2012: Ingredients nearly in order: Spax> Adrian Moore> Barry Adamson> Puccini> Brian Eno> Santana> Excerpt from Breakin’> Magnetophone> Lounge Lizards> Excerpt from te Mighty Boosh> Graham Bowers> Schumman> The Dubliners> Art Zoyd> Ivor Novello> Francois Rabbath> Songs from Ladakh> Abatte Barihun> Pere Ubu> Lietterschpich> Limbo Part> Execution Squodd>  Excerpts from Nonsense verse of Carroll and Lear> Asaf Avidan> Alfred Schnittke> Sleep research Facility> Rafael Toral> Ollie & Jerry> Art Zoyd> Andriano Canzain> Ad Art> Bob Dylan> William Bennet> Faultline> Stefano Tedesco> Joel Cahen Aquadelica mix

Soundsoup III: 26th Nov 2012: Ingredients nearly in order: Spax> Hall & Oats> Coil> Rand and Holland> Brian Wilson> Sergiy Okhrimchuk & Viktor Pushkar> Aileen Lambert> Nino Rota> Daniel Blinkhorn> Jacques Bekaert> Johnson Mkhalall> Lucienne Boyer> Theme from Pinnocchio> Julie Andrews> Fred Frith> Kammerflimmer Kollektif> Velvet Underground> Nat King Cole> David Toop> Minit>  Fat> Alan Parson Project> Phil Minton>  The Dubliners> Reznicek> Scalper> Hayim topol> Bernar Parmagiani> Stevie Wonder> Luctor Ponse> marlene Dietrich> Human Egg> Terry Bozzio> Toshiro Mayuzumi> Spax> Human Egg> Gworg Philip Telemann> The Congos> Os Mutantes> In The Nursery> Otomo Yoshihido, Sachiko M and Rhodri Davis> BBBlood> Talking Heads> Dire Straits> Wham> Art Ensemble of Chicago> Balenescu Quartet> Paul Brett> Marlene Dietrich> Lilacs and Champagne


Soundsoup III: 19th Nov 2012: Ingredients not documented this time

Soundsoup III: 12th Nov 2012: Ingredients: Spax> Lasse Marc riek> David Byrne> Shankar> Sunburned hand of Man> John Edwards> Mykki Blanco> Nick Cave> Shalom Hanoch> Externe Speichereinheit> Francois Rabbath> Will guthrie & Jean Philippe Gross> The Chinamen> Scott Walker> Excerpt from the album Switzerland Happy Land and the soundtrack to Black Hole> Soundtrack for Time Tunnel> DJ Olive and Voke> Kemialliset Ystavat> Barry Guard and David Cunningham from the soundtrack of Zina> The Libertines> Goslings> Stina Nordenstam> Eruption> Zoe Grizdale-Sherry> The Elysian Quartet playing Gabriel Prokofiev>  Dick Higgins> Bolt Thrower> Kraftwerk> Shostakowich> Yorgos Papasideros> La Fanfare du Belgistan> Hana Strafna> Teach yourself Italian> Jausme Sisa> Henryk Gorecki> Locas in Love> Busdriver> The Stranglers> Deep Red> 2nd Gen> Daphne Oram> Jamal Nouman> Paul Robeson> Hugh Cornwall> Joel Cahen> Ebe Oke> and a few more


Soundsoup III: 5th Nov 2012: Ingredients (pretty close to order of play): John Oswald> Squib> Tom Lawrence> The Grief> Excerpt from Faraway So Close> Concern> Marvin Ayers> Le Dernier Combat> Don Ray> Excerpt from Amarcord> Sonic Youth> Pork Queen> Noggin> R Kelly> Helhesten> Rhodri Davis> Squib (Zizek)> Scarlatti> Tab Two> Goblin> Corrupted> Flash Gordon> Planxety> Drums Of Death> Ghikas and Walshe> Ru Paul sow> George Kalran> real birds> Susan Vega> Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich> Johnny Greenwood> Excerpt from PI> Dzady> Gondang> Tibet Monks Of The Sera JÈ Monastery> Alexander Hacke> XV Parowek> ESG> Rubber City> New Flesh> Paul Anka> Heldon> Lou Reed> Laman String Band> Domenico Sciajno> Ezra Pound> Interpol> Indian Jewelry> Prick Decay> London Concrete & Joel Cahen> FNS> He Said> Barbara Streisand> and possibly a few more.

Soundsoup III: 22nd Oct 2012: Ingredients: The Rebel> Spax> Uniform> Tazul Izan Tajuddin> Christina Kubisch> Christof Migone> Beirut Story> Michael Jackson> George Sviridov> Quintessence> David Toop & Max Eastley> Nobody Loves a computer> Culture Club> Horacio Pollard> Kayaka> Stock Hausen Walkman> Cloudburst Katedra> Secret Chiefs> Sun Ra> David Grubbs & Susan Howe> Fovea Hex> Hans Edler> Pierre Henry &Michel Colombier> Chips For The Poor> Bubblyfish> Onili> Sky Barstow> Graham Bowers> Francisco Lopez> Supertramp> Solunsku Pedme> Pete Molinari> Ove Naxx> Cementimental>Ele Grinco> Jimmy Dean and The Trailmen> Caroliner Rainbow> Rokeri S Moravu>Orchestra Pi Phat- traditional Thai Music> Hab> Noto Ximer> B-52s >> and a few more gone undetected

Soundsoup III: 8th Oct 2012: Ingredients: Chromatic> Jonathan Bepler> Jonathan Kane> Corneleus Cardew & David Bedford> Duralex Sedelex> Aileen Lambert> The Company> Stefano Tedesco> Ad Art> Olivera Katarina> Addrisi Brothers> Ennio Morriconne> Albert Ammons+ Pete Johnson> Sebastian Roux> Radical Glass Music compilation> Puccini> Birthday Party> Ravi shankar> Susan Vega> Alhaji Yaya Zakori Fushien Kububua> Cal Tjader> James Chance and the Contortions> Grazyna Lobaszewska and Ergo Band> Various tracks from Machines Can Talk cd from BA Sound Arts at LCC 2005> Squib> Pimmon> Beijing Noise Lady> Yishai Adar> Spax> The Readers.. amongst others

Soundsoup III: 1st Oct 2012 Ingredients: Drums of Death> Spax> Billy Idol> Viktor> John Sheppard> Ryoji Ikeda and Alva Noto> Zohar Argov> Balanescu quartet> Paghanini> Extracts from Genius Party Beyond> Simon Whetham> Braha Tzfira> Fjellestad Kowald Reason and Robinson> Juan Martin guide to Flamenco> The Mystery Water Saloon Boys> Andy’s Car Crash> Debile Menthol> Frank Sinatra> Uriah Heep> Metallica> Henry Flynt> Genesis> Circle> Ergo Band> Henri Lazarof> Peter Cook & Dudley Moore> Corcobado> Daniel Higgs> Das Bierbeben> Gil Scott Heron> John Coltrane> Egisto Macchi> Surenamese music> Frank Zappa> Duralex Sedelex> Glee cast> Bahareini Fidjeri music> Iancu Dumitrescu> Nico Muhly> South American electroacoustic sounds compilation> Daphne Oram> Blood> Lachadhilliya Sufi chants from Cairo> Brian Eno> Gilberto Gil> Don giovanni Mozart> Excerpt from a cowboy movie> Thai music compilation samples> and quite a few more

Soundsoup III: 24th Sept 2012 / with La Horrox Ingredients not documented this time

Soundsoup III: 30th July 2012 Ingredients: Lady Gaga> joel Cahen and Milo Taylor> Laibach> Ginax> Excerpt from a porno, Faraway So Close, 200 Motels, Eastenders, a meetin with the Church of the Subgenius> Human League> Erik Satie> Arvo Part> Sun Ra Arkestra> David Bowie> Moondog> Rod Stewart> The Beatles> Sounds of Phongsaly Laos Eugene Chadbourne> The Upsetter> Leonard Cohen> Debile Menthol> Saint Sans> David Bedford> music from the film Sedmikraski> Jan Savitt> Simon Duff> Jackson Browne> and Mtwara area Tanzania>> Charles Berlitz> Moondog> Gorge Hesse and Russel Johnson> Radical Glass Music> Pink Martini> Indian Water music> Cyclobe> John Edwards, Charles Hayward &Ros Williams> Caetano Veloso> Shereem> > Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda> Hot Chip> JLS> Sebastian Roux> Zero Kama and a few more lost in the flux of sponteneity


Soundsoup III: 23rd July 2012 Ingredients not documented this time


Soundsoup III: 16th July 2012 Ingredients not documented this time


Soundsoup III: 2nd July 2012 Ingredients: Spax> Nurse With Wound> John Fahey> Mekons> Tchaikovski> David Toop> Gil Melle> The Retro Spankees> Jimmy Driftwood> Julio Inglesias> Mireille> Fabulous Flamenco> Red Rat:> Der Dresdner Kreuzchor> The Residents> Fred Frith> Can> Magic accordions of Adriano> The Beatles> Frank Sinatra> Tom waits> Lush> Jean Philip Gross & Will Guthrie> Joel Cahen> Recordings during the bombing of Haifa>  Nass El Ghiwane> Ryfylke> Prince> Black Sabbath Blue Fiji> Zoe Grizdale> Sand

Soundsoup III: 25th June 2012   Ingredients not documented this time

Soundsoup III: 18 June 2012 Ingredients not documented this time

Soundsoup III: 28th May 2012 Ingredients: NWW> Volkmar klein> Etant Donnes> Eric La Casa and Seijiro Murayama> Conlon Nancarrow> Petit Vodo> Beenieman> Talibam> Klaus osterwald> VA Room 40> Colleseum II> Curtis Mayfield> Greatest Science Fiction Hits> Orchestra Arcana> Music for Bachelors> Limbo Party> Ennio Morricone> Nat King Cole> Family> Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich> Weird Shit> Ailis Ni Raine> Daniel Blinkhorn> David Fulton> Devotchka Conundrum> John Zorn & Yamataka Eye> Disco Rick & The Dogs> Shanks and Bigfoot> Stereo Total> Excerpts from Troll 2, a Hitchcock film, Sky Captain, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Shining> Beiing Noise Lady> Underworld> DJ Yo Yo Dieting> and a few more lost in the flux of spontaneity


Soundsoup III: 21st May 2012 Ingredients not documented this time

Soundsoup III: 14th May 2012 Ingredients not documented this time==


6th June 2011 – Last show Season 2 Ingredients: Christian Marclay> Spax (Coil + Hall & Oats + Tracy and The Plastics + Joel Cahen)> Excerpt from Vintage Tractors> Michael Bentine> Slayer>  Ennio Morricone>  Mozart> Spax mash up> Melvins> Paul Brett> Lil Wayne> Sham Sufi> Andrjej Rosiewicz>Taylor Dupree> Rechenzentrum> Pollyanna Frank>  Liberace plays Chopin>Max Headroom> Bix Beiderbecker> Nico> The Torero Band>  Music from Zambia> P.I.L> Excepts from Akira, Defendor, Love Exposure, Charlie Wilson’s War> Fad Gadget> Kayaka> Leafcutter John> Merzbow> Babsi’s ex-landlord> The Glee Crew> NON> Benjamin Lew> Sun Ra> Aleister Crowley> Joel Cahen> Christian Eallumrod Ensemble>  Boredoms> John Denver> Queen


Soundsoup II  with La Horrox / 23rd May 2011 Ingredients: Gestalt Orchestra> Muay Thai boxing music> Thinking Fellers Union Local 282> Ezra Pound reading Cantos> Carl Orff Music for Children> Russian Baikal ritual music> Erik M> Johnathan Richman> Iannis Xenakis> Charlmagne Palestine and Tony Conrad> Tuxedomoon> Excerpts from Dni Zatmeniya and from If> Los Hermanos Rosario> Akio Suzuki> Matt Shomaker> Spax> Lionel Hampton> The Residents> Pinie Goldsten & Anna Rappel> Dick Schory new percussion orchestra> Sedmikrasky soundtrack> Music from Testskiva 1Danish sound fx album> Chips for The Poor> Swiss folk music> Hans Joachim Rodelius> Radio Tisdas> Cementimental> Squarepusher> B-52s> Cyclobe> Schnabel plays Schubert> Josed> Viktor> The Rolling Stones> Reznicek> Black Dice> CTI> Coil> Hunchy Bunker> Vybz Kartel featuring Gaza Slim> Eric Copeland> Coptic rain> EN> Anton LaVey> Bernard Herrmann> Lahorrox klaus kinski> Various sound recordings> Lennie Lee> The Beatles> and more

Soundsoup II with Yoshi Shinagawa / 16th May 2011 Ingredients: Spax mash up> The Frogs> Miles Davis> Out Phaze> Joel Cahen> Abatte Barihun> Yoshi Shinagawa> Lucky dragons> Fresh trax> Wim Mertens> Ohad Fishof> Rocky soundtrack> Spelle> The Fugs> Stacey Q> Yann tomita> Sonny Lester and his Orchestra> Lazarof> Pac Man theme> Yann Tomita> Michael Bentine> Alfredo Casero> Roberto Carlos> Addie Brik> Erica Badu> Sightings> christian basso> leonardo favio> camilo sexto> Busby Berkeley> gilda> roberto seslo> Ornette Coleman> Louise Huebner> Gaot> J J van Eyuck> Annie Anxiety> Ducksob> Simon Whetham> Johannes Brahms> Cremaster soundtrack> Chic Corea> Stefano tedesco> Melina Mercuri> Graham Bowers> Zezaree> Actress> Mina


Soundsoup II 9th May 2011 Ingredients: Ingredients not documented this time=


Soundsoup II 4th Apr 2011 Ingredients:  Spax> King Crimson> Lionel Long> DJ Pica Pica> Moshi Honen> Tazul Izan Tajuddin> Mighty Human Man> Excerpt from Troll 2> Edgar Varese> Joel Cahen> BBBlood> Howie B> Excerpt from Akira> Simon Duff> Madness> Erik M> Charles Dodge> Charles Mingus> Simon Duff> Kalamandalam Haridas & Margi Damu> Rush> My Bloody valentine> Excerpt from Devil Doll> Adrian Moore> Actress>  Frank Walters> Rafael Toral> Kozo Inada> The Beach Boys> The Black Poodle> Coil> Luigi Rossi> Spring> Indian tribal music> Throbbing Gristle> Portal> Lard Free> Seijiro Murayama & Eric La Casa> Judy Garland > and a few more undetected


Soundsoup II 28th Mar 2011 Ingredients: Spax> Bauhaus> Music from Burundi> Stomu Yamsh*ta> David Fulton> Mouthus> DJ Chaos X> Esma Redzepova> Gyorgi Ligeti> Thomas Dimuzio> The Clash> Music from Ghana> Graham Bowers> Ever Orchid> Sedmikraski soundtrack> Front 242> Ritual music from india> Silver Convention> Gorgo> Fat> Ludwig Van Beethoven> Kannamuthan> Johann Brahms> Kottakal Madhu> Colesseum II> Thrissur Pooram Pandimelam Death> David Sylvian> Peter Hammill> Kavettam> Guns n Roses> Camille Saint-Saens> an Arabic music collection> Kiki/Ill & Con Brio> Carsten Nicolai & Ryoji Ikeda> Kemialliset Ystavat> Leszek Mozdzer> Stomu Yamsh*ta


Soundsoup II 21st Mar 2011 Ingredients: The Residents< Steve reich> Noise and Rhythm> Excerpts from Farenheit 451> Rolling Stones> Pierre henry> Jeep Beat> Thrones> Excerpts from Machete> The Valerie Project> Eric Satie> Elgar> Skat Injector > Barry Adamson> Sham Sufi> Matthew Bower> Henri Mancini> Star Wars> Quicksilver> Wishbone Ash> Pink Floyd> Pharoh Sanders> Robbie Avenaim> Recordings from performance art work in Belgium in the 80s> Velvet Underground> The Cure> Tom Petty> The Dubliners> Alec Empire> Excerpt from Eva> Recordings from a Victorian boxing match> Allen Ginsberg & Radio Savage Houndy Beasty> Excerpt from Roadrunner> Recordings from the Pemury Estate booze cruise bus to France> Music from Burundi> Red Buddha> QRT> DJ Pica Pica


Soundsoup II 14th Mar 2011 Ingredients:  Excerpts from Internal Affairs, Onibaba, Bruce La Bruce, Monsiur Heulot Holiday> Savage Vigilance, the Church of The SubGenius> Cory Kasprzyk> Sun Ra> Jon acker> The Who> Ovo> Gustav Mahler> Cementimental> Yma Sumac> Renesance> Goem> Gil Scott Heron> Eric Copland> Spike Jones> Norma Bellini> Musique Des batak> King Crimson> No Neck Blues Band> Death> Group Doueh> Hafler Trio> Keiji Haino> The Residents> Sailcat> The Plover> Zehava Ben> Magma> John Coltrane> Robotobibok> Polar Bear> Sanguine> Keith Tippett> Sun Ra> and a few more undetected


Soundsoup II 7th Mar 2011 Ingredients: Joseph Hammer> Bernard Leitner> Portal> Eric La Casa> Akiop Suzuki>Miguel Frasconi> Melvins> Acanthus> Bolt Thrower> Rudimentry Penis> Paul Young> John Tilbury and Sebastian Lexer> John Zorn & Yamataka Eye> The Carpenters> Maria Callas> Ensemble Pittoresque> Dj Chaos X> Boyd Rice and Detah In June> Tod Dockstader> Enbe Orkestrasi> Canteloube> Santana> Micheal O Suilleabhain> Ibrahim Ferrer> The Egg> Warda> J-C & Le Sinai d’Abidjan> Memories of Bergen> Kevin Ayers> Stevie Wonder> Poogy> Faultline> Front Line Assembly> Schumann> Cocteau Twins> Kenny Rogers> Joel Cahen various recordings> Excerpts from Stargate, Devil Doll, The Shining> Bernard Fevre> DJ Pica Pica> Henry Cow> Devil Doll> YouTube video Insane Stutter> Timothy Leary>  Solar Skeletons> Dan Lander>  Rolo Tomassi


Soundsoup II 28th Feb 2011 Ingredients: Joseph Hammer> Bauhaus> Morriss dancers singing> The French Connection excerpt> Hasidic Jews party Excerpt> Ryoji Ikeda> Marc and the Mambas> Black Mayonaise> Jimi Hendrix> Joy Division> Holger Czukay> Astrohenge> Rangda> Nina Hagen> Eugene Chadbourne> Fat> The Pannasee Sessions> Egisto Macchi> Golden Country Hits> Gong> Oscar Peterson> Alice Coltrane> One Night in Lisbon> Freddy Frogs> Evil Moisture> Alec Empire> Horatio Pollard> Graham Bowers> Kid 606> Eric La Casa> The Company> Octagon Man> Andrew McKenzie> Human League> Kode 9> Bulgarian Folk Songs> Alfred Schnitke> own recordings> some leopards and a few more…


Soundsoup II 14th Feb 2011 Ingredients: Amir Shoat & Barbara Fuchs> Gone with Regret> Liv Runesdatter> Poulenc> Camel> Sham sufi> Horatio Pollard>  Arvo Part> Fripp&Eno> hamdawa> Tim Buckley> Black Phlegm> Aphex Twin> Tuxedomoon> Collette Magny>Random Bits from Killing Ha Muerto Cuantas Veces> Chic Corea> Robert Plant> Paul; McCartney> Don Cherry> Kim Fowley> Brian eno> ‘Pale Rider’;> Pink Floyd> Dynasty> Bernard Fevre> Merzbow> Vibracathedral Orchestra> Eartha kitt>  Otomo yoshihide & sashiko M> Black Dice> Steppenwolf> DixieJazz> Zeni Geva> Alec Empire> Amir Shoat> probably a few more


Soundsoup II 7th Feb 2011 Ingredients: Spike Jones> Sitar and Sur bahar> Yann Tomita> Etant Donnes> Art Ensemble of Chicago> Feotus> Frederik Ness Sevental>Dionne warwick> Rolling Stones>Kayaka> Foreigner> Sudden Infant> Europe> Gary Bartz> Philip Cochran>Thai Beat a Gogo>Joel Cahen> Fabi>Uriah Heep>Shinchi Kinochita>La Horrox>Divorce> The Carpenters>Fm Einheit> Antonio Carlos Jobim>Chris Brann>Neil Campbell>in the nursery>Nam June Paik>Holger Czukay>John Oswald>Clive Dunn>Pinie Goldsten & anna Rappel> Dan Penn>Sea Nymphs>Bo Diddley>Kurt Schwitters> and a few more undetected


Soundsoup II 31st Jan 2011 Ingredients: Gestalt Orchestra> Retro aka> johnny cash> Bucketrider> Warren Mitchels> Shit n Glitter> Det Wiehl> Devil Doll> Lady Gaga> Sleep Research Facility> Ennio Morricone> Camel drivers singing around a campfire in India> Joel Cahen> Bo Diddley> John Zorn> Ike Yard> Kode 9 > New Flesh> Magnar Am> Soundtrack of Devil Doll> Next Life, Needles> Quiet Sun> Swiss Folk songs> Stanton Davis> Santana> Vagina Dentata Organ> Alberto Ginastera> Steve Colson> Mary Lou Williams> Stereo Coctail> David Fanshawe> and a few more undetected


Soundsoup II 24th Jan 2011 Ingredients: Ingredients not documented this time=

Soundsoup II 17th Jan 2011 Ingredients: Lionel Marchetti as Roger De La Frassyente> Ratto Lehtisalo> The Anti Group> Henri Poissier> John Fahey> Naked City> Hard Rubber Orchestra> The Ink Spots> Rush> Laurie Anderson> Muslimgause> Retro Spankies> Italian opera> The Readers> Prince> Lionel Marchetti> Sepultura> Virgin Prunes> an indian guru> Phil Minton> Iannis Xenakis> Michael Gira – the body haters> Wwooden Shijps> Deanna Durbin> David Toop> and a few more undetected


Soundsoup II 10th Jan 2011 – First show Season 2 Ingredients: Queen> Gestalt Orchestra> John Coltrane> MuslimGause> Mantovani> Nino Rota> a guru at an indian ceremony> Eric La Casa> Recordings from India> Pointer Sisters> Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji Ikeda> Cementimental> Stylus> Toshiro Mayuzumi> Amon Duul II> Coil> Gregory Peck and Bernard Hermann> Francoise Bayle> Joe Kunst> 4track> Eric La Casa> 2001 Space oddessey> Lionel Marchetti> Daniel Higgs> Coil> Charlmagne Palestine and Tony Conrad> William Basinski> DAF> Twisted Sister> Fanfare Ciocarlia> Red Lorry Yellow Lorry> The Anti Group> Federico Schumacher> Adolfo Wulfi> Astrohenge> Abruptum> Mozart> Henry Flynt


5th April 10 feat. Rebecca Horrox Ingredients: unknown


22nd March 10 Ingredients: JP Massieri> Edgar varese> Excerpts from Zina> Michael Gira> Dr Z> Michael Bentine>Jean Luc Godard> Joel Cahen> T.A.G.C> Excerpts from the Seventh Seal> Best of Bloopers> Terrestial Tones> Ennio Morricone> Felix Kubin> Rudyard Kipling> Butthole Surfers> Virgin Prunes> Ommm> Swans> Bach> The Residents> Nurse With Wound> Al di Miola> Astral Social Club> Die Knodel> Joni Mitchel> Dixieland with a twist beat> and maybe more…


15th March 10 Ingredients: DCR> The Who> Current 93> Hildegard Westerkamp> Michael Bentine> Cassette Boy> Jacques Brel> Leonard Cohen> Zoo> Reznicek> Carmen Miranda> AC/DC> Baby Horror> Carla Bozulich> Nucleus> Det Wiehl> Nick Cave> Flanger> Reznicek> Horacio Pollard> Gyorgy Ligeti> Smell & Quim> Dixieland with a Twist Beat> Laurie Anderson> Gene Pitney> American Indian ceremonial and war dances> Mozart Requiem> Pink Floyd> The Stories of Rudyard Kipling> King Crimson> Ennio Morricone> Kermit Schafer> Excerpts from Let The Right One In, Satan’s Braten and Blood Orgy of the She Devils.


2nd March 10 with Horacio Pollard Ingredients: Excerpts from The War Game and Dracula 1972 AD> Pink Floyd> Billy Joel> Left With Pictures> Coil> James O’Callaghan> crime and the city solution> Halo> Body of Light> Maurizio Bianchi> nh kerovnian> Camel> Stories of Rudyard Kipling> Miles Davis> you tube> RAC> Wieniwaski> Paganini> Guru> Laurie Anderson> Gnomes of Zurich> Kaveret> Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier> Church of the new faith> Iraqi traditional Group> Qing Ciao> Sita and Ali-Ali Imam> Sleep Research Facility> The Sound of American Doomsday Cults> Syntonic Research inc> Field Recording from India> Burning star Core> Daphne Oram> Gail Laughton> m.b> MoHa!> Mouthus> Syzgyz> Fushitsusha> Andrew Zatman


22 Feb 10 Ingredients: Nick Storring> NON> Felix Antoine Morin> London Concrete> Amon Duul II> Excerpts from The Shining> Linz> the first recordings of the BBC> John Cage> Claire Obscure> Cathy Lane> Dave Elvis> Adinalzarra> Kayaka> Jan Steele> Mauricio Kagel> Lennie Lee> Beach Boys> Master Slave Relationship> The Bulgarian Committee abroasd> Pink Floyd> Stories of rudyard Kipling> burt> Joel Cahen> Tango compilation album>  Quiss Messy album> Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier>  field recordings> Indian music> Terrestrial Tones> Pagannini> Wierding Vessel> Hadda Brooks> and many more left unmentioned


15 Feb 10 with Rebecca Horrox Ingredients: Bit Rate> Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier> Chris Dooks> Newtoy> Lou Reed> Indian music from the Amazon> Trailer from Pandoria> Gentle Giant> Zoo> King Crimson> Magazine> Ligeti> Chromatic> Edward Ka-spel> Quintessence> Guns n Roses> Amon Duul II> Devestation> Suicide> The Flamingoes> Cocokabala> Skinny Puppy> Coil> Dance with Turkish Music> and many more left unmentioned


08 Feb 10 with Rebecca Horrox Ingredients: BitRate> Dylan Thomas> Throbbing Gristle> Sound Effects record> PrayerCushions of the Flesh> Kaspar Toeplitz> Emerson Lake and Palmer> Bach> Congotronics> Nurse With Wound> Uniform> Excerpts from Sky Captain>Slim Gallard> Excerpt from Let the Right One In> Terry Riley and John Cale> David Bowie> Zeena Parkins> rankie Goes to Hollywood> Chris Dooks> Death Blowjob> Legendary Pink Dots> Strawbs> Michael Gira> Sante Sangre> Ekkehard Ehlers> La Horrox> natural wombs sound rec.> Boyd Rice> Mahjong> Sean Paul> Azax Syndrom>  Cream> Holger Czukay> Julie Discroll, Brian Auger & The Trinity> Private Swimming Pool – Sound effects> imaginary creatures> more of nir’s computer> Almedia Opera> Pierre Schaeffer> Ween> Sound recordings la horrox – pedestrian crossing, Rhythmic Fried Electricity, Scream- children> Enrico Caruso/ Popul Vuh> Silverio> Alpine music> and a few more


01 Feb 10 Ingredients: excerpts from The Quiss Mess Album feat. Jesse Darling, Joel Cahen, Daniel Vais> Blixa Bargeld> Goem> Sightings> White Noise> Fawlty Towers> DuranDuranDuran> Current93> Henri Pousseur> Ahmed Kesan> Squarepusher> Die Form and Aube> Music for Bachelors> Excerpts from School of Scoundrels> Excerpt from Salad Fingers> Sudden Infant> Sun Ra> Yellow Swans> stanley black and his orchestra> Fred Nipi> Bach> Recording from Camden by La Horrox> Roughage> DJ Scotch Egg> Isea Fire Company> Savage Vigilance recordings by the Church of the Subgenius> John Zorn> R. Phillo> own recordings – Millicent Binks eating a crisp> Alan Parsons Project> Music from the Holy Mountain> Alvin and the Chipmunks> Herbie Hancock> Goddess of Fortune> Electric Wizard

18 Jan 10 with Rebecca Horrox Ingredients: Sizzla> John Zorn> Sound Murderer> Diana Ross> Echo and the Bunnymen> Coil and Whitehouse> Wagner> Schumann> Adrian Moore> Steve Roden> David Chesworth> Pierre Pare-Blais> Ratto Lehatisalo> Ryfylke> Michael Wright and Tadanae Fujimura> Hard Rubber Orchestra> Procol Harum> Yes> Nurse With Wound> Una Noche en Lisboa> Focus> Psychic TV> Yehudi Menuhin plays Paganini> Zina- film music by Barrie Guard & David Cunningham> Michel Chion> Own Sound recordings> Excerpts from Lawrence of Arabia> Excerpts from School for Scoundrels> Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar – Diamanda Galas> 80’s Cartoons – Dungeons and Dragons> song of sexual slavery – kurt weil> El Camino -†Ween> Die Gr‰fin Under Der Fˆrster – Nina Hagen & Meret Becker> MURDER_BAG> Nir’s computer> Vintage Carousel Musique> Natural Womb Sounds> Rustle Of Spring – Daniell Revenaugh> Mastering German Cassette ’79> Field rec. – Strange dressed up folk with bells- †Appenzell, Switzerland> Collection of sound recordings Europa ’96: AUT0L00/ Refreshments trolley man – Zurich> Italian children- Chivasso, Italy> Drunkard/ Women angels – Turino, Italy> Capo Cacho sea caves/†Thunder storm/ Birds/ Goat bells -†Sardinia> Sink plug hole, night train to Berlin> Dan Butcher/Dutch Instistute- Oberhausen Gasometer, Germany> Sushi Bar – Munich> Hang played in Vondell parc, Amsterdam> Welsh cat purring, Wales> Leaking roof- Rosemary Works, Hackney London

11 Jan 10 Ingredients: Robert Wyatt> Shirley Bassey> all throughout Extracts from Das Boot and Lawrence of Arabia> Penderecki> Tod Dockstader> Moebius> Fripp and Eno> James Bond theme john Barry> Jack Arel from Les juenes Loupe> Coil> Otomo Yoshihide> MoHa!> James Plotkin and KK Null> Judy Garland> Asylem> Igorrr> Hissam Ramzey and Phil Thornton> Tom Petty> Kenny Rogers> Shirly Collins> CW Stoneking> Joel Cahen> Ekkehard Ehlers> Amir Shoat> Carl Maria von Weber> Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shenkar> Bob Dylan> Alexander Hacke> Farid El Atrash> Cevin Key> Van McKoy> Magnar Am> T-Rex> sound fx> Doggs> Yellow Magic Orchestra> King Crimson> Horacio Pollard> My Bloody valentine> Michael Jackson> The Readers> Diamanda Galas> Excerpts from Nightmare Detective 2> an interview with Krishnamurti> Chromatic> Adrian Moore> Jean Jacques Perrey


14 Dec 09 with Rebecca Horrox Ingredients: chromatic> Le Dernier Cri> the Singing Detective> Kayaka> The incredible Heat Of Sweto> toxic pijin> Scala> Maltese Falcon> Goslings> Shostakovich> Ensemble Pittoresque> Richard Hittleman – meditation> Bob Destiny> Shlomo Gronich> KTU> Radio Savage Houndy Beastie – Meat> Medievel Music record> hypnosis tutorial> Merzbow> Luc Ferrari< Sitar Music> Lee Gamble> El Dabh> Larval> tea fot 2 -the tommy dorsey orchestra> Playground> Ruby Wax> kemialliset Ystavat> Gnomes of Zurich< Hoedown> Kayaka< and a few more

7 Dec 09 Ingredients: chromatic> joel cahen sound recordings> zendik orgaztra> bitrate> john williams – star wars> The Maltese Falcon> wout vercammen> A program about Women of the avantgarde> slit pyramid> Clock DVA> Fred lowery> The Anti Group> mozegater> zendik orgaztra> orbital> Bill burroughs> harry partch> ryoji ikeda> Neil Brahe – the magic power of enthusaiasm of dental practice> genesis> Gaiola das Popozudas> kenny g> the rime of the ancient mariner – david bedford> anthology de chanson de salle gard> jacque bekeart> Excerpts from Rebecca> 2001 space oddiesee> phillip jeck> theme> carl orff – songs for children> asmus tietchens> london concrete


30Nov09 Ingredients: chromatic> songs for children – carl orff> hansfjellestad peterkowald danareason jasonrobinson> wout vercammen> kiki/ill> kruzensshtern i parhod> anne clark> russian radio> merzbow> bach> Boris> James Bond theme> Joel Cahen> vincent price> cccc> Mozart> Enrico Fazio> Sightings> Xinlisupreme> dick schory new percussion ensemble> sexcessfully yours> Lee scratch perry> Zoo – indonesian band> greg oliver and lois cooper> Needles> bach – st matthews passion> the god machine> Phil Hariss – everybody wants to be a cat> stuff from spunk jazz> akitsa> michel chion> popol vuh> maurice kagel> Kazutoki Umezu> Hawaien wedding songs> and a few more


23Nov09 Spain

16nov09 with Crowd Formations Czech

08Nov09 Norway

19oct09 Congo

05oct09 with Crowd Formations International Space Station

28Sept09 Dubai

Wet Sounds Scandinavian Tour 21Sept09 Mongolia

14Sept09 with Crowd Formations Benin

07Sept09 Lesotho

10Aug09 with Matthias Kispert Austria

03Aug09 Chad

28July09 Canada

29June09 Vanuatu

22June09 Saudi Arabia

08June09 Trinidad and Tobago

01June09 with Will Huckerby Israel

11May09 Madagascar

27April09 Mynmar

20April09 Taiwan

6April09 DJ Alex Czinczel India

30March09 Azarbaijan

23March09 Peru

16March09 Argentina

9March09 Belize

2March09 Estonia