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Important accompanying booklet - PDF 

Browse while listening for more info on what you hear

Arranged and assembled by J Milo Taylor
Mixed by Joel Cahen

Thanks to John Roach for doing the video

An engaging sound collage presenting an unique historical documentation of Sound Art from the early 20th century to present day. The composition weaves through different sound works throughout the century with narratives and ideas from some of the prominent artists in the field. A retrospective into the craft of sound and its development as an artistic practice, from Edison’s first sound film in 1895 to today, including the thoughts and concepts which served the basis for the creation of these works as spoken by the artists themselves.


The ‘Listening’ should be accompanied with the booklet available above that informs of the artists whose work and words are heard according to the timecode on the video.

Commissioned by Newtoy for the 2011 UK tour of Wet Sounds.

Exhibited at:
Zaher Lulu exhibition, Sha'ar 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel | 22nd Sept - 5th Nov 2016

On the Edge of Perceptibility / Sound Art - International Sound Installation Exhibition in Budapest, 17th Oct. - 23rd Nov. 2014

All Tomorrows Parties, Butlins, Minehead, UK | 14 – 15 May 11
Vivid Gallery, Birmingham | 22-27 March 11
The Whitechapel Art Gallery | The Reading Room | 1 – 6 March 11
Phoenix Brighton | 3 March 11
Modern Art Oxford | Accompanied by a talk | 12 Feb 11
The Star and Shadow, Newcastle | 6 Feb 11
Bangor Museum | 25 – 28 Jan 11

Artists appearing in the work:

Sleep Research Facility, Cathy  Lane, John Cage, Charlie Fox, Ros Bandt, Janet Cardiff, Brandon La Belle, Thomas Edison, Marcel Duschamp, Hugo Ball, Leon Theramin, FW Marinetti, Walter Ruttmann, Kurt Schwitters, Harry Partch, Antonin Artaud, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, Iannis Xenakis, Louis and Bebe Barron, Pauline Oliveros, Morton Feldman, George Brecht, Richard Maxfield, Dick Higgins, Group Ongaku, Brion Gysin, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tod Dockstader, La Monte Young, Luc Ferrari, Alvin Lucier, Bruce Nauman, Bernard Parmegiani, Francoise Bayle, R Murray Schafer, Trevor Wishart, hildegard Westerkamp, Terry Fox, David Dunn, Nam June Paik, Max Neuhaus, Throbbing Gristle, Barry Truax, Limpe Fuchs, John Oswald, Bill Fontana, Warren Burt, David Cunningham, Laurie Anderson, Gregory Whitehead, Lee Renaldo, Christian Marclay, William Burroughs, Denis Smalley, Dan Lander, Gilles Gobeil, Negativland, Trimpin, Jonty Harrison, Kim Cascone, Jodi Rose, Francisco Lopez, Bernard Leitner, Peter Vogel, Steve Roden, Pamela Z, Terre Thaemlitz, Chris Watson, David Toop, Disinformation, Atau tanaka, Dan Lander, Philip Jeck, Carsten Nicolai, Justin Bennett, David Toop, Project Dark, Steve Vitiello, Maryanne Amacher, Christina Kubisch, John Bischoff, Andres Bosshard, Iris Garrelfs, Peter Cusack, Steve Barsotti, Andrea Polli, James Webb, Nic Collins, DJ Spooky, Rainer Linz, Salomé Voegelin, David Lee Myers, David Chesworth and Sonia Leiber, Karlheinz Essl, Dallas Simpson, FM3, Matthew Mullane, Ultra-Red, Tony Herrington, Dan Senn, John Wynne and Susan Philipsz.

UNTIL 1969


FROM 1970


Podcasts surveying the history of sound collage since the begining.

The program mentions three types of sound collages which have branched off since the late 50s.


[] Sequential sound collage that uses an editing technique that is not dissimilar to film editing technique which later developed to Electroacoustic and Acousmatic music. (most Musique Concréte, cut ups, Negativland, Cassetteboy etc)


[] Sound collage that augments a particular rhythm, musical and narrative theme (some hip hop, bastard pop, 2manyDJs, dancefloor mash ups, most music that has elements of sound collage)


[] Simultaneous sound collage which superimposes layers of different musical sources over each other.

The last category is the one this podcast focuses on for the latter half of the 20th Century until today.

Contains music by:

Charles Ives, Tristan Tzara, John Cage, Pierre Henry, Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Parmegianni, The Beatles, Timothy Leary and Ash Ra, Pink Floyd, The Residents, Christian Marclay, Wim Wenders, Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, John Oswald, Marilyn Manson, Lionel Marchetti, Calibri Necrophile, Henri Pousseur, Joseph Hammer and Joel Cahen.



Other albums that contain simultaneous sound collage:


Death in June - Wall of Sacrifice



A film by Joel Cahen

Starring Daniel Vais
A Newtoy production with Cultural Device, 2008
























The Remote Island Tour follows Israeli-born dancer and choreographer Daniel Vais on an improvised tour of the islands off the west coast of Ireland in the summer of 2007.Carrying only a backpack and with a very limited budget, Daniel introduces contemporary dance in traditional locations and to unsuspecting audiences, creating a unique and personal experience of dance as an artistic and expressive forum, fusing and challenging traditional and modern dance practices.

"... very moving and the idea and the premise behind the project are very much original... The best thing is that the documentary was at no point pretentious, it was very light-hearted and heart-warming, and it felt like a genuine journey with a purpose and a goal. The photography was beautiful and so was the sound design - both of those elements added even more layers to an already genuine story." - Marina Bruncevic, script reader at Miramax (2007)

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