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Monthly radio show on CAMP.FR   [Next show 9th Feb 22]
Previous 2021 shows here: 

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2019. Music for Floating

Music made for Musical Hydrotherapy, relaxed underwater listening.

Listen on Bandcamp.

2018. Aquadelique.

Released by Adaadat Records. A stereo mixdown of the multichannel work composed for Wet Sounds.

Listen on Bandcamp.

2010.  Wet Sounds 2008-09.

A selection from the first and second commissioned listening galleries for underwater listening at Wet Sounds

2010. Avalanche Noiz.

Thick wholesome noise

Listen on Bandcamp.

2009. The Exmess Album.

Recorded over the xmas break hosting various artists the studio.

Listen on Soundcloud

2007. Spax - The Copy Right.

abstract Mash ups and silmuntaneous playback live and edited.

Listen on Bandcamp.


2006. Tween.

More shard electronica

Listen on Bandcamp.

2006. Slated.

Grainy electronica pieces.

Listen on Bandcamp.

2004. The Black Poodle. I can Feel Your Pulse and it Kinda Freaks Me Out.

with Amir Shoat, Ben Wallers

Listen on Bandcamp.

2002. Winter at the Dukakis.

various sonic vignettes recorded in Amsterdam and London.

Listen on Bandcamp.

1999. Zoukhead.

with contributions from Amir Shoat, and others on 'Zoukhead'.

Listen on Bandcamp.​

1998. Fesh.

4 track recordings.

with Amir Shoat

1998. Ya Tilfy But Me Luv Ya.

4 track recordings with contributions from Amir Shoat, Jim Hodson and others.

Listen on Bandcamp.​

Was a weekly radio show | Listen 

broadcast 2005 - 2016 on resonance 104.4fm London

I serve an abstract mash ups and simultaneous sound collages played live and improvised using two turntables,, two CD players, and effects unit and a bag full of MP3s film excerpts, field recordings and just about any possible sound I can get my hands on

2014. Soundsoup excerpts >> Click on images to listen

Live abstract Mash ups. silmuntaneous playback. Plunderphonic Schizophonic Cacophonic

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 14.29.40.png

As played live on NTS Radio back in the day

Extracting the quintessential gloop of epiphany in ritual practice through simultaneous playback. 




.Devil Voodoo.

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