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creative workshops

Sound and Narrative

For ages 8 - 88 | Duration: 4 - 6 hours


Discussed and practiced:

- Use of sound on film

- Recording your own sounds

- Develping a narrative

- Listening practice and differentiation of sound sources.

- Group music making and Improvisation


In combination with Wet Sounds, the resulting composition is played underwater to the public.


More details upon request 

Oct 2010
Nov 2013

The Slowest Seahorse

May 2014

Chat et Sourie

Audio Massage

for ages 8 - 88 | Duration: up to 4 hours

Sound textures at close listening


Discussed and practiced:

- Sound textures

- Listening practice

- Directionality and sensitivity in sound production

- Object collection and exploration

- Interaction between performer and audience member



More details upon request 

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