We're All Bats Listening Arts Channel

As modes of learning and experiencing shifted to screen based media from the physical communal experience particularly throughout the pandemic, we want to place Listening experiences within the public's weekly schedule.


Whether as entertainment, as a self-nourishing experience, as development of skills and furthering knowledge or simply as a way to open up to people's opinions and minds, the act of Listening needs care, nurturing, and guidance. It is through listening that personal attention is focused and dialogue can be meaningful, it is the basis to a healthy individual and society.


We are looking for proposals for workshops, activities or events either as a multiple episode series or one-offs, for a new online Listening Arts Channel


This is a paid opportunity with potential for development and continuity.


Proposals accepted on an ongoing basis until the deadline 30th June we will respond to applicants within two weeks of their submitted application.

Read guidelines and apply here

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