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Presented by The National Audio Show.
The Whittlebury Hall Pool will host underwater listening sessions on

10:30 - 13:00 Saturday the 20th September 2014

Tickets to the Audio Show permit entry to the underwater session are available here
Due to limited capacity, booking is essential email your reservation request to order@newtoy.org
with the session number and number of participants in the subject line

Session one - 10:30 - 11:15
Session two - 11:15 - 12:00
Session three - 12:00 - 12:45
Session four - 12:45 - 13:30

Swimwear essential

Charity work

Liquid Vibrations

Our charity is now listed on The Big Give and we welcome donations to further our sessions for children with special and complex needs at hydrotherapy pools. The money will go towards research and development along with researchers from The University of Kent and Roehampton University.

June 2014: We have received an offer from Arts Council England for new work at St Nicholas School in Canterbury and are missing £3000 to carry it out.


Installations 2014

Northern France

Presented for the festival La Quinzaine de l'Entorse
- festival arts et sports - Aquatique et aerien
organised by l'Entorse , in partnership with city councils of Halluin, Roubaix and Bruay-le-Buissiere

10th May 2014 Halluin avec Guillaume Hairaud
14th May 2014 Roubaix avec Guillaume Hairaud
21st June 2014 Bruay La Buissiere Lido avec Marklion & Alpage Records

France 2 national television news (21 June 2014)
France 3 local television news (21 June 2014)

photo by Anya Roz

photos by Ela Wlodarczyk-Pycek

Bretagne, France

12th-13th March 2014 in Vannes
14th-15th March 2014 in Ploemeur avec Antoine Scaviner


for more details scroll down
2nd March 2014 LONDON - Ironmongers Row Baths
Wet Sounds on the BBC

7th March 2014 BANGOR, Bangor Pool ...tickets here

Larvik, Norway

Saturday 15th Feb 2014 at Ferris Bad spa in Larvik

British Tour 2013-2014

Wet Sounds to install in nine British cities this year!
GLASGOW (2nd June), LEDBURY (13th July), EXETER (21st Sept), DUNDEE (8th Nov), KIRKWALL (10th Nov), BRISTOL (15th Dec), LONDON (2nd March 2014), BANGOR (7 March 2014) BELFAST (4th May 2014)

More details closer to the dates. Sign up to the mailing list (on the right) or check back.


Newtoy is part of the PORTFOLIO scheme by Sound and Music.
The opportunity is to develop and deliver a new work that engages with Wet Sounds commitment to exploring the unique experiential potential of sound performance in a swimming pool space and the compositional possibilities of distinctly split sound system playback

MATTHIAS KISPERT and BEATRICE DILLON have been selected to create bespoke work for the Wet Sounds dates early next year.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Sound and Music, CRiSAP, Exeter Council.


7th March 2014 At Bangor Swimming Pool
Underwater performance by Megan Broadmeadow
Over water performance by Lisa Spaull
Tickets HERE
In collaboration with Datrys


19:30 doors / 2nd March 2014 At Ironmongers Row Baths
Both sessions SOLD OUT

Presenting new compositions by Matthias Kispert and Beatrice Dillon
Lighting and visuals by Rod Maclachlan

as part of the PORTFOLIO scheme by Sound and Music.


15th December 2013 At Bristol South Swimming Pool
Tickets for both sessions have now SOLD OUT!

Sessions feature:
Joel Cahen with guest Arran Poole playing the bowed chime.
Noisician and texturist H
and a recent addition to the line up is Henry Collins formerly known as DJ Shitmat
Lighting installation by Rod Maclachlan
Co-produced by Qu Junktions and Arnolfini info here


10th November 2013 at the Pickaquoy Centre Pool.
Wet Sounds travels all the way to the Orkney Islands at the norhtern tip of the UK.


8th November 2013 at the Olympia Pool in Dundee as part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival
With a 'Improvised narrative sound' workshop on the 7th Nov.
Supported by D-Air and the Hannah Maclure Centre

Creative sound narrative workshop


21st Sept 2013 , at The Pyramids Pool as part of Unexpected Festival


Saturday 13th July 2013 as part of Ledbury Poetry festival
Guest poet and musician Ebe Oke

Exploring language, narrative and words split with soundscapes over two distinct soundsystems.


2nd June 2013 at Arlington Baths, Britain's oldest surviving swimming club
Part of Westend Festival
Tickets here - two shows sold out

METZ, France

5-6 Oct 2013 as part of La Nuit Blanche Metz, promoted by Impulse Productions.

Sessions for children with special needs

We are pleased to announce that Liquid Vibrations has been awarded the Milton Keynes Foundation grant for a term of underwater sessions at the The Redway School in Milton Keynes in 2013/14. We began sessions in September 2013.


We are conducting sessions at The Bridge School in Islington with the support of Sound Connections January - February 2014

Liquid Vibrations, the offshoot Wet Sounds project with Drake Music founder Adele Drake, having carried out encouraging pilot programmes at St Nicolas Special Needs School in Canterbury in 2010 and 2011, is now applying for funds to carry out three terms of underwater listening and movement sessions at three London special needs schools.

The work relies entirely on a dialogue between the children, their teacher and us. We are introducing sound work by Joel Cahen, informed by Electro-acoustic sound art culture and Watsu treatments by Steve Karle, appropriated from the health and leisure sector, in order to expand learning activities. The children normally do not have access to the benefits that can be derived form these practices.

By improving the childrens’ communication abilities we positively influence their families and the community from then on. Additionally, as our researcher from the The Institute of Education reports on the process of development and learning, we will be able to make contributions to the collective knowledge base - both through the Sounds of Intent website (www.soundsofintent.org/) and via publications within the sector, this changes attitudes and practice that influences the community.

we have seen in the pilot programme had immediate benefits to the children such as:
• Enhanced vocal expression.
• Increased awareness of their surroundings.
• Improved mobility
• Increased enthusiasm, joy and expression of interest.

In the wider sense we expect
• Increased social skills and communication
• Increased musical aptitude
• Improved relationship with their families and their environment.

To find out more, or contribute to the development of this practice, go to www.liquidvibrations.org.uk

Previous Installations 2013


Saturday 2nd March 2013 at Ironmongers Row Bath in Islington.
Two different shows at 7pm and 8.40pm
As part of the Opensound London edition and introducing very special guests

small pool limited tickets, get them here
Tickets are now SOLD OUT

The newly renovated Ironmongers Row Baths gets an additional temporary renovation into an art space. Using light and sound through over water and underwater speakers.

The sessions are 60min long and present new work for the dual soundsystems

Session one | 18:30 doors | 19:00 splash - 20:20 dry
UNICAZÜRN (Stephen Thrower and David Knight)
OPENSOUND: Faranhaz Hatam (NK Berlin)

Session two | 20:10 doors | 20:40 splash - 22:00 dry
CANDY SHOP (Lina Lapelyte, Sharon Gal, La Horrox, Anat Ben David, Nouria Bah and Heidi Heidelberg)
OPENSOUND: Domenico Sciajno

Visuals: SDNA
Lighting: Insight

OpenSound is a pan-European project involving the exchange of knowledge between a number of partner organisations with the aim of introducing sonic arts practices to a wider audience.

Bring a swimsuit bath robe and goggles!!


2nd Feb 2013 à la piscine de l’Arche Guédon, place des Rencontres à Torcy.
featuring Electro-acoustic set by Joel Cahen with additional vocals by La Horrox.
Followed by Grégory Cervello et Guillaume Dorson in a Dj set.
Hosted by La Ferme Du Buisson and Cabaret Contemporaire
more details here

Pierre Henry commission 2011

Pierre Henry - Analogy [excerpt]

Pierre Henry - Analogy Underwater excerpt by Newtoy
A recording of a live performance of Pierre Henry's world premier of his piece Analogy for a dual sound system and swimming pool commissioned for Wet Sounds closing event of the 2011 tour.
The recording is of the underwater mix.
There were an extra 12 speakers above the water

6th March 2011
York Hall Pool, London
Mixed live by Etienne Bultingaire

Three tier sound installation at ATP

14-15 May 2011: All Tomorrow's Parties at Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead, UK curated by Animal Collective.

The installation involved using three soundsystems simultaneously
with different content played through each of the separate sound spaces, three layers of sound:

/ Four speakers playing into the swimming pool hall space above the listeners. The content through the top layer merged with the natural acoustics of the room, using mainly low and low-mid frequencies, it sounded like a cloud of sound looming over the listeners.

// Four speakers on pool side floor playing directly to the listeners as they float on the water surface, the sounds piercing through the 'sound cloud' using content with mainly mid-high frequencies.

/// The underwater soundsystem, distinct from the content above the water, provided a separate space for augmenting the sound narrative above the water.

These three sound systems presented a split-mix three-layer abstract mash up and sometimes acted as a three-way speaker system (Low - mid - hi).

Main artist: Joel Cahen. Guest artists Grouper, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum, and La Horrox.