Upcoming shows

25th July 2016: 7am - 9am at Tooting Leisure Centre, London. With Brood Ma. Ticket link includes breakfast.

16:00 Sunday 28th Aug 2016: Peterborough Lido. Tickets HERE. Featuring water surface performance by Megan Broadmeadow

New video

Upcoming in 2016

13th Feb 2016 at Scarborough Pool, UK as part of Coastival. Additional sound: Matthias Kispert

6th March at Kentish Town Leisure Centre, London. Tickets have now SOLD OUT for all sessions.

10th April Athens, GR Borderline Festival

13th May Bretigney sur Orge, FR

Previously in 2015

29th Nov 2015 at Kentish Town Leisure Centre, London. Two sessions SOLD OUT Doors 19:00. and 20:00 featuring live excerpt from Rebecca Horrox's new opera TEFFRADOT

29th Oct 2015 at Piscine Pailleron, Paris.As part of Google's Les Heures Magiques

6th Sept 2015 at ANTI Festival, Koupio, Finland.

1st - 2nd Aug at Standon Calling. Returning to the festival on its 10th anniversary to install at their swimming pool some Aquadelic artefacts for underwater listening, so while its kicking off outside the water you can dive into a dreamscape.


Thu 4th June 2015 Massey
Fri 24th Apr 2015 Evry
Fri 3rd Apr 2015 Juisvy Sur Orge
Fri 6th Mar 2015 Agen - la piscine Aquasud - 20h
Fri 13th Feb 2015 Arpajon - bassin nautique de Arpajonnais - 19h Wed 14th Jan 2015 Nanterre

New video by Tanja Busking + images from underwater performance by Louis Clement da Costa from Wet Sounds Brussels

Fairly recent events


Saturday 13th December 2014
19:00 at Zwembad Marollen. Presented by Les Ateliers Claus


Sunday 9th November 2014
at Willes Pool Kentish Town Leisure Centre - Map

Session One doors: 19:00
19:30 - 20:15
Session Two doors: 20:00
20:30 - 21:15

Four tier, 8 channel sound configuration
- Stereo pair on the balcony
- Four speakers and subs in stereo under the balcony
- A stereo pair at ear level on poolside floor
- An underwater sound system.

Live composition by Joel Cahen
vocals La Horrox
Bass Clarinets: Steve and Emily Shapiro
Lighting and projections by SDNA

Charity work

Liquid Vibrations

Sept 2015: New video documenting our recent sessions in early 2015 at St Nicholas School in Canterbury and Redway School in Milton Keynes.

Our charity is now listed on The Big Give and we welcome donations to further our sessions for children with special and complex needs at hydrotherapy pools. The money will go towards research and development of our practice and outreach

Apr 2015: We have completed term-long weekly sessions at St Nicolas School in Canterbury funded by the Arts Council England and research led by Roehampton University and the University of Kent; and at Redway School in Milton Keynes funded by Awards for All.

We are a participating project of The university of Kent's Beacon Institute founded by the Centre for Cognition, Kinesthetics and Performance to pioneer interdisciplinary creative arts practice and research.


Installations 2014

Northern France

Presented for the festival La Quinzaine de l'Entorse
- festival arts et sports - Aquatique et aerien
organised by l'Entorse , in partnership with city councils of Halluin, Roubaix and Bruay-le-Buissiere

10th May 2014 Halluin avec Guillaume Hairaud
14th May 2014 Roubaix avec Guillaume Hairaud
21st June 2014 Bruay La Buissiere Lido avec Marklion & Alpage Records

France 2 national television news (21 June 2014)
France 3 local television news (21 June 2014)

photo by Anya Roz

photos by Ela Wlodarczyk-Pycek

Bretagne, France

12th-13th March 2014 in Vannes
14th-15th March 2014 in Ploemeur avec Antoine Scaviner


for more details scroll down
2nd March 2014 LONDON - Ironmongers Row Baths
Wet Sounds on the BBC

7th March 2014 BANGOR, Bangor Pool ...tickets here

Larvik, Norway

Saturday 15th Feb 2014 at Ferris Bad spa in Larvik

Some previous special Installations

Pierre Henry commissions 2011- Analogy [excerpt]

Pierre Henry - Analogy Underwater excerpt by Newtoy
A recording of a live performance of Pierre Henry's world premier of his piece Analogy for a dual sound system and swimming pool commissioned for Wet Sounds closing event of the 2011 tour.
The recording is of the underwater mix.
There were an extra 12 speakers above the water

6th March 2011
York Hall Pool, London
Mixed live by Etienne Bultingaire

Three tier sound installation at ATP

14-15 May 2011: All Tomorrow's Parties at Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead, UK curated by Animal Collective.

The installation involved using three soundsystems simultaneously
with different content played through each of the separate sound spaces, three layers of sound:

/ Four speakers playing into the swimming pool hall space above the listeners. The content through the top layer merged with the natural acoustics of the room, using mainly low and low-mid frequencies, it sounded like a cloud of sound looming over the listeners.

// Four speakers on pool side floor playing directly to the listeners as they float on the water surface, the sounds piercing through the 'sound cloud' using content with mainly mid-high frequencies.

/// The underwater soundsystem, distinct from the content above the water, provided a separate space for augmenting the sound narrative above the water.

These three sound systems presented a split-mix three-layer abstract mash up and sometimes acted as a three-way speaker system (Low - mid - hi).

Main artist: Joel Cahen. Guest artists Grouper, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum, and La Horrox.